Friday, February 7, 2014

Healthy Eating, I Did That!

I did it!  I ate healthy all week....

....except for the small piece of chocolate cake my coworker gave me on Thursday night! 


No she didn't hold a gun to my head and force feed me the cake but seriously.... who can say no to cake?

Apparently NOT ME.

Anyway, aside from the deliciously fresh chocolate cake, I stuck with better choices and didn't feel hungry or grumpy in the slightest.  My internal pipes feel much better.  Drinking a bit of lemon water also helped out.  

Breakfast always consisted of a bowl of a fiber rich cereal and a cup of caf-lib coffee wannabe replacement that takes some getting used to.  I am not used to it after a week of drinking it.  It looks like dirty water and has more of a malty taste rather than coffee but I had to cut back on coffee even though I had already switched to decaf, I needed to see if I could kick coffee altogether and apparently I can't!

I ate some dried apricots, prunes and raisins as snacks while lunch consisted of a yogurt and a chicken bologna sandwich on whole wheat with only mustard.  I love mustard, yum.  Dinner was always just a little bit of whatever I cooked for husband.

Now this is a kind of calorie cut back or healthy choice blah blah blah that I can live with.  I just can't tolerate the eating the same menu day in day out. 

As for exercise, yes I did get back to exercising finally.  The abdomen is feeling much better. 

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