Thursday, February 20, 2014

Listen Up

I wanted to begin listening to a new series of audiobooks so I opened an account with Audible like the fool I am and used my one free credit to get a free book.   Gabriel's Inferno by Sylvain Reynard.

I sort of wish I read real reviews on this book first.  I skimmed some reviews on Goodreads but that's pretty much it.  I should have known better.  I should have read a real book review like the ones some dedicated readers post on their blogs and don't have to fret that the negative or explicit review will be deleted by moderators.

This book is marketed as "like 50 Shades of Grey".  But so far it's a far cry from it.  I can't say I'm tired of the 50 Shades type of books, that'd be like saying I don't like to read Harlequin romance.  Each book is pretty much the same but different in some ways.  Then again, each reader can read the same book and get something different from it so there you go.

I can't say this book is boring, because I listened to almost 1/3 of the book in no time.  It's keeping my interest but there are just some things that are driving me nuts... like if Gabriel refers to Julia as an angel one more time.... or if she's called 'rabbit' one more time.... and I heard of naive but she's just plain stupid at times I mean seriously, let's be real eh... UGH!!!  Other than that nonsense the first third of the book is pretty much ok I guess, probably because there isn't all that explicit junk like in 50 Shades.  I had enough explicit junk while reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, thank you very much.  Remind me to cancel that Audible account because I'm real glad this was a freebie.

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