Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sorry, Wrong Number

I had to share this today... it's too silly to keep to myself!

On my way home from work this morning I sent my husband a text message telling him I was on the bus (I tell him this so he won't call me and engage in conversation with all ears and eyes directed at me).  When I arrived home shortly thereafter I sent him another text telling him I was home, that I loved him, and then proceeded to call him a coconut head!   

When my husband arrived home from work this evening, after a while he asked me how come I didn't text him to tell him I was home because he was worried if I had to work overtime knowing I was really tired.  I insisted I did send him the text so he checked his phone and true enough, he didn't have anything from me.

Strange!  I got confirmation that it was sent when my new phone sent an annoying buzz through the phone. 

I checked my sent items and showed him the text...

.......that was sent to a total stranger apparently somewhere in Michigan. 

You see, I got a new smart phone but I'm still not smart enough to use it while entering my contacts information in it, I messed up the area code on my husbands mobile number.  Instead of the Montreal code, I entered a code for Michigan.  One digit off makes a big difference apparently.  Hopefully I won't be charged for the two mishaps on my mobile plan.

Once I realized my mistake, I laughed and said some total stranger got a text that said "on the bus" then another text that said "just got home, love you coconut head". Of course we cracked up laughing at this because we're crazy like that.  Unfortunately now some poor soul has to explain this to his or her significant other! 

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