Monday, February 3, 2014

Will Power: One Day At A Time

I had a difficult Saturday night, my abdomen hurt like heck and my inner pipes were backed up seriously.  Sleep was quite difficult.  While I lay there in the dark, in pain and discomfort it dawned on me...

I need to make a change.  A real life altering change. NOW! 

I'll be 45 years old sometime this month and I've spent the last year trying and not quite succeeding at maintaining a healthier lifestyle.  Saturday night was a major wake up call.  

No better time than the present.


I'm really tired of starting over and over and over again so I tested myself on Sunday.  I skipped my usual big delicious weekend breakfast and instead had two boiled eggs, two boiled chicken wieners and whole wheat toast with a cup of caf-lib (coffee replacement).  Lunch consisted of a half cup of sliced strawberries, a banana and half an orange along with lots of lemon water.  Dinner was a bowl of Quaker oatmeal.  Snack was a sliced apple that I never completely devoured.  By the end of the night my belly felt better.  A lot better.  Not bloated, no gas, I didn't feel hungry.  I had plenty of fibre (if you know what I mean).  Only problem is I also had a major migraine most likely caffeine withdrawal.  The question now is can I maintain this good habit longer?  Can I keep up with eating better on a regular day when I'm at work or passing by the local cafe.  

I really don't have any faith in myself at this point.  I guess I need to take it one day at a time rather than aim for a month, or a week at a time.  One day.  Just ONE DAY.  I succeeded on Sunday now lets see how Monday works out.  I didn't bother with weighing myself because right now it's not about weight, it's about a small change.  One day.  I can't begin to think of what to do at the end of the week because I need to stay focused on ONE DAY.

One day at a time to work on my will power.

One day at a time. 

One day. 

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