Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2-Day Fasting (Book)

A friend gave me this book (epub) to read and I'll confess, I'm not much into reading diet books.  Reading an article or blog post on the internet is one thing but a whole book is another.

But it's interesting.  Seriously!!

It reads like it was written by a chubby lazy woman much like myself who made a great discovery of what really helped get the weight off.  

Ok, you've got my attention!

The book isn't written in that boring diet fashion where it gives you a ton of things to do.  See, it's perfect for me!  This book simply says on two non-consecutive days eat a reduced calorie diet preferable of foods that will still supply you with the necessary vitamins, protein blah blah blah that your body needs.  Basically it's intermittent fasting without the stress of fasting for consecutive days.

I skimmed the book and found it also contained recipes and grocery lists to make things easy if you do intend to follow some recipe suggestions though it does make things clear that following the recipes in the book aren't necessary as long as your calories are reduced for two consecutive days.  It also goes further into suggesting which days of the week would be more convenient for the fasting depending on what type of lifestyle you lead.  I thought that was pretty neat!  What I did like most about what I read thus far is .... this book reads like a personal weightloss blog!!!  I love that!!  It makes me feel like the writer is just like me and not some doctor trying to cure the world of obesity. Anyway, I haven't finished reading the whole book or even half of it but it was interesting enough for me to want to share that bit of info!


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