Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dollarstore Hair Dye

You'd think that buying a hair dye in the dollar store would cause all your hair to fall out right?  I mean, how good could a $2 box of hair dye really be?

I spotted this box of colouring at the Dollarama and had the idea of putting some highlights in my hair, not sure why I had that idea but anyway, I made the purchase.  Two big Canadian dollars were shelled out for this box of auburn permanent hair colour. 

Ok, so I did have my doubts but I squashed them by telling myself it's still winter so I can cover any mishap with my winter hat.  I used the dye the first time only on my hair closer to the ends like an ombre so if it fell off I'd still have about an inch of hair left.  But my hair never broke off or fell out or anything.  It was nice and soft too! 


I re-dyed my hair the other day, not all of it because I cut the back pretty much every second week to keep the pixie short but the front/crown is longer so that's where most of the colouring went, and on that greying hairline too.  Looks pretty good.  I'm going to snatch up a couple more boxes of this stuff before it disappears! 

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