Saturday, March 15, 2014

Social Media Rebirth

I'll step up to the mic and announce that I am a social media addict.  Ok, maybe addict is too strong a word but its somewhere along those lines. 

I've been on the Internet since 1995 believe it or not.  My first computer was a Pentium Pro with 250mb of Ram and a 500mb HD.  The modem was a 33.3kbps internal.  And yes, I used dial up!

One of the first social media outlets I connected to was Yahoo Groups.  I joined a handful of craft groups and participated in craft exchanges.  Back then there wasn't so much hate online.  Back then it was a real joy to be online conversing with people, especially if they were people you knew in real life.  It just opened a new way of communicating on a group level rather than one on one.  Many various points of view on one topic.  I liked that. 

Fast forward to the present and I'm still active in Yahoo Groups but minimal activity though its nice to read the conversations and keep in touch with cyber friends.  Aside from blogging here, I'm on Tumblr sharing crafts I made and ones I've stumbled on while surfing the net that are worth sharing.  Again, nice to interact with fellow crafters even if I've never met them in real life.  Flickr is where I post all of my crafts and supplies and through that media I've connected with even more crafters.  Chatted about the crafting ups and downs and what's going on in our hometowns respectively.  I don't use Instagram much but I intend to put a bit more effort into taking pictures of the everyday ordinary.  Some users are their own "group" where we discuss the posted photo or participate in a photo challenge and link together with an appropriate hash tag.  That's great for photographers and I'm starting to dabble in photography a bit so it's hard but fun at the same time.

The best invention was YouTube.  I enjoy taking brief videos and uploading them like mini home movies and sharing them in blogs from time to time or emailing the video link to family members to watch.  I've watched music videos, full length movies, crafting tutorials, I even learned how to cut my own hair from watching YouTube videos!  That's pretty much my go-to site when I'm looking for a personal review on a place or item, or even in some cases, a book review!

Whomever invented Pinterest....thank you!  That's one place where I can collect all the things I like from crafts to baking to reading to photography, travel and more!  I've interacted with a few folks who were in search of a pattern to a craft I posted.  Nice place to find folks with the sane interests as you.  

Then there's Facebook.  Sigh,  I never did like that site too much from the get go.  I do enjoy the groups section of Facebook but that's pretty much where it ends.   I've friended folks I know in real life as well as a few I've never met in person but were cyber friends long before Facebook was launched.  I find great humor in the fact that on Facebook, my relationships with the people I don't know personally but I've blogged with for years has lasted longer than relationships with people I know personally in real life.  That's just craziness!  It's sad how one person can be so envious that they become sharp tongued thus destroying a real relationship that took a lifetime to build.  It's sad how one person can subsequently proceed to destroy any relationship I've had with others simply because of envy.  Envy?  Is it really envy?  Or is it just cold hearted hate?  I just don't get it.  I'm ordinary Joe.  What's there to envy?  What's there to hate?  Seriously, it's sad if others believe the half truths but its rather amusing that one person sees the need to go to such great lengths to make themselves popular.  Personally I want nothing to do with any of it.  

I don't do popularity contests.  I'm ordinary Joe, this is me, take it or leave it.  

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