Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Next Issue Issue

You know I love reading.  I'll read books, magazines, news papers, internet articles, blogs, grocery store flyers, back of the cereal box while eating breakfast.

I heard about Next Issue launching in Canada.  Unlimited magazines for a mere $9.99 a month ($14.99 for a subscription that extends to specialty magazines & news papers).  Sounds like a pretty good deal.  If you're lucky, $9.99 can get you a one year subscription to one digital magazine on Zinio... if you're lucky that is. 

I took the leap and signed up, using a desk top computer, and after entering my credit card information for payment (they don't accept paypal monthly payments like Netflix)...anyway, as soon as I entered my payment information and clicked the big red sign up button...

I got an error!

What!?  I put on my angry eyes at this point.

I sent an email to the "contact us" page of Next Issue and like clockwork, I got the general automated email response saying my inquiry was received and will be responded to in 24-48 hours. 

Not a problem. 

24 hours or so later, I got an email from a client service representative at Next Issue and it went like this: "sorry u had difficult in the sign up. enter u informations again and u wont have no error this time again"

*blank stare*

Outsourcing?  MagicJack employee??  Just wondering...hmm...


Hey I can't make this stuff up!  Seriously, when I read that my jaw hung open and I almost laughed out loud for real.  Aside from not starting the sentence with a capital letter, the rep continued to use "u" instead of "you", like he was composing a text message to his buddy down the street. 

I sent another inquiry and included the initial response into the new message to Next Issue asking the same question I asked the first time about the error, then went on to suggest they properly train their client service reps to use the pre-written text in responses to inquiries or to completely type out the words and not send "text like messages" as replies to already disgruntled would-be customers. 

The next reply I received was better written, they used my first name at the beginning of pretty much every sentence which really came across as condescending.  And...they didn't explain what happened to cause this error so I still felt duped.  I've decided NOT to use Next Issue for the time being and stick with Zinio.  At least they know how to respond to customer inquiries.

Scoreboard:  Zinio = 1,  Next Issue = 0

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