Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Oh Boy St Croix

So we're about to venture out on our vacation and we're still trying to find things to do at some of the islands we'll be visiting.

We seen this tour of St Croix, it's a hiking tour and I really don't mind walking because it'll allow me to take plenty of video and photographs right.  But here's the problem.  The site we visited to get the information... well... it was hikestcroix and it explained what the tour was about, the things you'd see, how you should dress and what you should carry... you know, the basic information.  

I surfed the website and the SECOND PARAGRAPH on the Hiking Safety page was what caught my attention.  "Put your mind at ease! St. Croix has no snakes or dangerous wild animals and the biting insects are limited to a few spiders and the very rarely seen centipedes. In 31 years of hiking, I have never been stung by an insect other than sand flees and mosquitoes which can be bothersome at night when I rarely hike. We do have bees and a local wasp but once again I have never been stung while hiking." 

 Makes sense to write that stuff so folks will know they don't have to fret right.  Well, this is me we're talking about and with my luck the "few spiders" will find their way onto my shirt which will cause me to scream like a girl and start slapping at myself to get them off.  Then I'll spot the "rarely seen centipedes" and pee my pants in fear.  Seriously.  I can handle mosquitoes.  Ok, no I can't.  I got eaten alive in Brooklyn last summer sitting in a back yard minding my own business so no, no I can't handle mosquitoes!

Looks like we'll do a snorkeling tour... oh but what if a tiny fish swims near me?!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Back On The Run

So as I briefly stated in a previous post, I began jogging again.  I don't know what it is about jogging that I just truly love it.  I'm far from a professional runner but I do love the feeling that I get when I'm out there.

My first run was last Sunday evening.  You see, I had purchased a pair of Doctor Scholls running shoes on Saturday and really wanted to give them a try.  I ran on the street as opposed to running on the track like I've grown accustomed to.  The purpose of that was to test out the shoes and see if, after my first real run, would I have a case of shin splints the following day.  I usually do suffer splints after months of not running but they're not as bad as when I first started jogging so I guess that means my legs got stronger.  Woo hoo! 

The gel insoles of the shoes were marvelous.  I didn't feel the pounding beneath my feet and no shin splints to report.  I didn't run well though.  I did enjoy the run but I need more practice.  I ran a road route I used to take before I switched over to the track.  I used to be able to run that route non stop or at least only stopping once, twice at the most (twice usually occurred on pms days, ya, I know TMI).  Anyway, when I ran last Sunday evening I stopped to walk pretty much at the end of every other block!  Wow, it's not as bad as when I first started running but it clearly shows how long I've been couch potatoing (I made that word up but you get what I mean eh).  It's really been a long winter so it reflects in my running.

I'm going to keep it up for the next month because that's all the time I have to get a bit more meat off the bone before vacation time!

Monday, April 21, 2014



Friday, April 18, 2014

40 Days Of Lent

For the Holy Season of Lent, I gave up coffee and sweets (ie: junk food, cakes, cookies, icecream, jube jubes, gummy bears, chocolate bars...)

I have had many days when I found myself crying out to our Lord to help me through another day without coffee!  I'm terribly addicted to coffee and we all know how much I adore gummy bears and crispy crunch chocolate bars!  It's been the longest season of my life!  

I'm such a weak little human.  

I know I'm this close to the end of Lent and I will be fasting on Good Friday. This is the first time I've given up something I usually couldn't go without.  It was hard.  I know it's just coffee and sweets but my body is made up of coffee and sweets ... please don't judge me, it is what it is.  I found myself wondering how Jesus went 40 days fasting and being tempted at the same time.  Believe me, if someone brought a large steaming cup of Tim Hortons coffee and said "Here Susan, this is for you", I'd probably have taken it... at least to hold it under my nose and inhale the rich aroma.  I prayed for help through this and ended up with a bag of gummy bears in my locker at work. 

Oh the irony!

Every day I open that locker and there it is.  I was so tempted to eat it but I didn't. Even with nobody around, I knew God would see and I would fail. I prayed for more help instead.  

Help came in the form of a very large Cadbury Caramilk chocolate bar ($3 to help out kids at school).  

God is good.  He has faith in me.  I just need to have the same amount of faith in myself. 

While watching television, I've noticed every commercial for Oh Henry chocolate bars and Dairy Queen's blizzard in a waffle cone.  I've noticed every coffee commercial on tv.  I'm getting one of those Nespresso machines I don't care what my husband says!  With the help of our Lord, I came this far.  

I even stare at the folks on the bus who all have Tim Hortons, Starbucks, McDonalds McCafĂ© or thermal travel mugs in their hands.  Believe me, 98% of the folks on the morning commute have a cup in their hands.  Me and the bus driver account for the 2% of non cup holders.  

I can do this.  God is good.

credits: photo from instantdisplay.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stepping Up My Game Plan

I've been using my manual stepper thing faithfully for the past week.  Ya, I know, a whole week... ohhh. ahhh.   Well, in my defense.... I've just been too lazy to get exercising.


No, that's not entirely true.  The weather in these parts is outrageous!  Ok sure for Canada I should be used to being sun burned in one day then frost bitten on the next (I stole that line from Facebook!) but seriously, we've had some crazy cold weather with only one really really nice day.  I do want to get out there and do some jogging.  I bought my new jogging shoes over the weekend and they're real cute.  But since it's so cold out and I'm so out of shape thanks to the terribly long winter, I need to get my lungs and legs in shape so my trusty old stepper is being put to good use.  30 minutes a day, every day is what I've been doing on this thing for the past week.  My butt feels firmer.  Seriously.  This machine makes my hips burn!!  I wonder why I haven't used it all winter?  Oh ya, that's right I WAS TOO LAZY!  

I've got two months before I head on vacation to places of hot sunny beaches and I don't want to be carrying around 15 extra pounds on my body so I really have to crack down and step up my game plan!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Shredding The Fat

I know I'm a bit late ... more than a bit late... with the results of the 30 day shred that I participated in.  I did measure myself before I began.  I did lose a teeny tiny bit off my muffin top but then again I never got through level 3.

Let me explain.

Level one was fairly easy, difficult at some points but fairly easy that any out of shape individual can succeed at it.  Level two was more intense.  Talk about an obsession with the plank!  Heavens to betsy I'm way too old and out of shape for a plank!  So that was why I continued on with level two for a while longer without heading into level 3 which I would assume would be where the real weight loss would have taken place.

Fret not!  I still say doing the first two levels on alternate days would make for a pretty good work out!  I do have my after photo to post and will do so in the coming days.  I promise!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fast Paced Read

I stumbled on a book (a series of two books by the way) by Shannon Dianne.  I've never heard of this author before, not sure if she has any other books out but don't really care, truth be told. 

The first book was called "Shh...Mine (This.Is.Not.Over)" and the second book was called "Over."  I read them both on the ereader and fairly quickly I might add. 

Been a long time since I plowed through a book so quickly.  This was a real fast paced book.  I loved it.  I loved how the book took on many points of views.  One chapter you'd be reading from the woman's point of view and the next chapter you'd be reading from the man's point of view, and then on another chapter, you'd be reading from another character's point of view.  I found this made for an interesting read and it had quite a few laugh out loud moments.  Then again, it also had a ton of spelling errors, misuse of words and bad grammar like you'd find up in this blog (you know, the type you don't want to see in a book you paid for).  I'm used to seeing errors of all sorts in books but this one had them every other page it seemed so I did get annoyed and wished I had written down the exact locations to post a gripe in a book review but it's no big deal, doesn't take away from the story.

The second book, which was the conclusion of the first book... now that could have been combined into one long book but I guess the author wanted to get paid so, you know.  The end was summed up too quickly but it was done nicely and karma...oh that karma really shocked me.  The end of the book just blew me away.  It was a great read.