Friday, April 25, 2014

Back On The Run

So as I briefly stated in a previous post, I began jogging again.  I don't know what it is about jogging that I just truly love it.  I'm far from a professional runner but I do love the feeling that I get when I'm out there.

My first run was last Sunday evening.  You see, I had purchased a pair of Doctor Scholls running shoes on Saturday and really wanted to give them a try.  I ran on the street as opposed to running on the track like I've grown accustomed to.  The purpose of that was to test out the shoes and see if, after my first real run, would I have a case of shin splints the following day.  I usually do suffer splints after months of not running but they're not as bad as when I first started jogging so I guess that means my legs got stronger.  Woo hoo! 

The gel insoles of the shoes were marvelous.  I didn't feel the pounding beneath my feet and no shin splints to report.  I didn't run well though.  I did enjoy the run but I need more practice.  I ran a road route I used to take before I switched over to the track.  I used to be able to run that route non stop or at least only stopping once, twice at the most (twice usually occurred on pms days, ya, I know TMI).  Anyway, when I ran last Sunday evening I stopped to walk pretty much at the end of every other block!  Wow, it's not as bad as when I first started running but it clearly shows how long I've been couch potatoing (I made that word up but you get what I mean eh).  It's really been a long winter so it reflects in my running.

I'm going to keep it up for the next month because that's all the time I have to get a bit more meat off the bone before vacation time!

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