Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fast Paced Read

I stumbled on a book (a series of two books by the way) by Shannon Dianne.  I've never heard of this author before, not sure if she has any other books out but don't really care, truth be told. 

The first book was called "Shh...Mine (This.Is.Not.Over)" and the second book was called "Over."  I read them both on the ereader and fairly quickly I might add. 

Been a long time since I plowed through a book so quickly.  This was a real fast paced book.  I loved it.  I loved how the book took on many points of views.  One chapter you'd be reading from the woman's point of view and the next chapter you'd be reading from the man's point of view, and then on another chapter, you'd be reading from another character's point of view.  I found this made for an interesting read and it had quite a few laugh out loud moments.  Then again, it also had a ton of spelling errors, misuse of words and bad grammar like you'd find up in this blog (you know, the type you don't want to see in a book you paid for).  I'm used to seeing errors of all sorts in books but this one had them every other page it seemed so I did get annoyed and wished I had written down the exact locations to post a gripe in a book review but it's no big deal, doesn't take away from the story.

The second book, which was the conclusion of the first book... now that could have been combined into one long book but I guess the author wanted to get paid so, you know.  The end was summed up too quickly but it was done nicely and karma...oh that karma really shocked me.  The end of the book just blew me away.  It was a great read.

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