Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Oh Boy St Croix

So we're about to venture out on our vacation and we're still trying to find things to do at some of the islands we'll be visiting.

We seen this tour of St Croix, it's a hiking tour and I really don't mind walking because it'll allow me to take plenty of video and photographs right.  But here's the problem.  The site we visited to get the information... well... it was hikestcroix and it explained what the tour was about, the things you'd see, how you should dress and what you should carry... you know, the basic information.  

I surfed the website and the SECOND PARAGRAPH on the Hiking Safety page was what caught my attention.  "Put your mind at ease! St. Croix has no snakes or dangerous wild animals and the biting insects are limited to a few spiders and the very rarely seen centipedes. In 31 years of hiking, I have never been stung by an insect other than sand flees and mosquitoes which can be bothersome at night when I rarely hike. We do have bees and a local wasp but once again I have never been stung while hiking." 

 Makes sense to write that stuff so folks will know they don't have to fret right.  Well, this is me we're talking about and with my luck the "few spiders" will find their way onto my shirt which will cause me to scream like a girl and start slapping at myself to get them off.  Then I'll spot the "rarely seen centipedes" and pee my pants in fear.  Seriously.  I can handle mosquitoes.  Ok, no I can't.  I got eaten alive in Brooklyn last summer sitting in a back yard minding my own business so no, no I can't handle mosquitoes!

Looks like we'll do a snorkeling tour... oh but what if a tiny fish swims near me?!

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