Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Shredding The Fat

I know I'm a bit late ... more than a bit late... with the results of the 30 day shred that I participated in.  I did measure myself before I began.  I did lose a teeny tiny bit off my muffin top but then again I never got through level 3.

Let me explain.

Level one was fairly easy, difficult at some points but fairly easy that any out of shape individual can succeed at it.  Level two was more intense.  Talk about an obsession with the plank!  Heavens to betsy I'm way too old and out of shape for a plank!  So that was why I continued on with level two for a while longer without heading into level 3 which I would assume would be where the real weight loss would have taken place.

Fret not!  I still say doing the first two levels on alternate days would make for a pretty good work out!  I do have my after photo to post and will do so in the coming days.  I promise!!

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