Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stepping Up My Game Plan

I've been using my manual stepper thing faithfully for the past week.  Ya, I know, a whole week... ohhh. ahhh.   Well, in my defense.... I've just been too lazy to get exercising.


No, that's not entirely true.  The weather in these parts is outrageous!  Ok sure for Canada I should be used to being sun burned in one day then frost bitten on the next (I stole that line from Facebook!) but seriously, we've had some crazy cold weather with only one really really nice day.  I do want to get out there and do some jogging.  I bought my new jogging shoes over the weekend and they're real cute.  But since it's so cold out and I'm so out of shape thanks to the terribly long winter, I need to get my lungs and legs in shape so my trusty old stepper is being put to good use.  30 minutes a day, every day is what I've been doing on this thing for the past week.  My butt feels firmer.  Seriously.  This machine makes my hips burn!!  I wonder why I haven't used it all winter?  Oh ya, that's right I WAS TOO LAZY!  

I've got two months before I head on vacation to places of hot sunny beaches and I don't want to be carrying around 15 extra pounds on my body so I really have to crack down and step up my game plan!!!

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