Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ordinary Weightloss Bloggers

I've spent a bit of time reading some other blogs about personal weight loss.  I know some people may be tired of reading about people's diets or exercise routines, but the solution to that is....


Personally, I enjoy reading personal blogs more than the ones sponsored by some tv personality because the real person behind the blog likely doesn't have the medical support team, the personal trainer, the time to go to the fancy gym while the nanny looks after the kids.  No, the real woman has to make time to exercise in the living room or basement while the laundry is on or dinner is in the oven before running to pick the kids up from school.... You get the picture eh.   

Real people writing real blogs provide motivation for folks like me who stumble into their cyber space accidentally but leave with a sense that we are not alone in our struggle, and that our struggle isn't as tough as the next person.  

Just because we are trying to get fit, lose weight or change our eating habits doesn't mean we "hate ourselves", it means we love ourselves enough to realize we need to take better care of ourselves. 




These are what I find from thosse blogs because I don't have the local support group of friends.  I have the support of a total stranger on line in the same boat as me but she's not in the same city or country as me.  We help each other even if the blogs show no comments, the writers publish the blog for their own motivation and for the hope that, someone like me will find my way to it and get something out of it.  

Thank you to those bloggers:  Sassy Pear, & 300 Pounds Down.  I've been reading these blogs for a while, I would suggest clicking on the links and showing them some support too!!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Buddy System

It's always a great idea to have a buddy system when trying to lose weight.  Whether the buddy be a local friend, or total stranger residing in a different city, either way, they can help motivate and encourage, or just be there to and allow you to vent!

My buddy is a total stranger in a different country, about the same age as me and in the same struggle to get healthy.  She's like my "sponsor" (not making light of anything), but she intervenes when I have a melt down and feel like eating a carton of ice cream.  In an email, I explained how I felt discouraged but wasn't truly ready to throw in the towel.  Her suggestion was reading material!

Not quite what I expected, truth be told.  

She suggested I search the Internet for 24 hour detox, read some articles and give one a try as soon as possible.  Then she suggested I put down the ipad and go to bed!  Ya, imagine that! But she's right, I do tend to scroll Facebook or play candy crush when I should be sleeping.  She suggested I search the Internet for the importance of sleep with regards to diet.  She also suggested I search YouTube for some 10 minute workouts and at least do one a day if not more.  I wish she were here to run with but she's not a runner....she's a walker anyway.  When I told her as much, she suggested I try to get 30 minutes a day of EITHER jogging OR walking.... Yup, seven days a week.  Ouch.  Can I really be that deciplined?  Well, if I want to drop ten or at least five pounds before vacation time I've got to do something.  

Something to think about for now.  Doing .... Well that's another story, my will power is dwindling.

Failure is not a option though! 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Failure Not An Option

I'm beginning to think that my weight loss journey was hijacked.  One minute I feel great then the next minute I feel terrible.  Not physically.... but mentally.  

Let me explain.

I love jogging.  I love walking.   I'm not so keen on exercise videos but will do them as long as I can interchange them and not be stuck doing the same one over and over.  

It's been rather cold in the early mornings when I prefer to jog just as I arrive home from work so I haven't been getting out there as often as I would like to.  I ran on Monday evening near dinner time because I just needed to quiet the voices in my head.  You know, when you over think things for no apparent reason, well that's what I mean about the voices in my head.  The run worked at shutting them up and it gave me the chance to test out another app.

My inner pipes have been giving me grief for the past month.  I ran out of probiotic capsules and didn't rush out to pick up more, instead I waited about three weeks so my inner pipes gave up on me.  Can't say I blame them with all the junk I've been shovelling in me.  sigh.  I felt great coming off the no sugar, no coffee for the 40 days of Lent but as soon as I was able to consume, well, I over did the consumption!  My pipes backed up and it was milk of magnesia to the rescue.  

Yes that was too much information but that's just the tip of the iceberg.  

I've been taking green tea extract in a capsule form once a day.  The package says I should take it twice daily combined with an active lifestyle.  

Active lifestyle? My lifestyle is sedentary so I decided once daily would suffice.  I don't know if it's just my imagination or real and true but since I've been taking them, I'm hungry like a wolf twenty four seven!  Could those capsules be increasing my appetite because they're supposed to be increasing my metabolism?   ....things that make you go hmmmm!

To get a handle on things, as of two weeks ago I began logging what I ate again on the Loseit app and the past week I went well over my 1200 calories a day.  That's saying a lot since I'm not too accurate with the count, it's more "ball park" than actual but it at least gives me an idea of where I stand on a daily basis.  So far this week (the week on the app is set to begin Monday and end Sunday)... Monday I was below my count, which made me happy, then Tuesday rolled around and I had a chocolate bar along with some Jamaican beef patties which annihilated my count.  Wednesday my belly was in cohorts with two chocolate donuts.  

I've set up my ipad with the Newsify app to read blogs off line.  A few of the ones I follow are weightloss blogs so I've added those to the app and will get reading on them over the next few days.  I'm also going to sign up to Nextissue for a 30 day free trial to get a glimpse at other weightloss/health magazines that may help me out.  

I'm feeling like a failure today but tomorrow is a new day and I think a fast and a real long run is what I need to get the "feel good" mentality flowing again.  I'm not going to give up on my goal to drop the pounds, or to eat better and be more active.  I'm tired of feeling sluggish all the time.  I think I'll also research if anyone else is having issues with green tea extract in pill form messing with their appetite.  

Who knows, maybe it's just PMS and I got cravings instead of cramps. Yup, too much information again but hey, this is real life right!

Failure is not an option!

Pedometer App

I'm back to trying to log the distance I jog.  I had used those little clip on pedometers that count steps and give distance or calories burned but since I only got them off of ebay for about a buck each... needless to say they no longer work.  Cheap junk broke apart when it fell to the ground or just stopped working for no reason at all.  So now I'm back to using apps on the trusty ipod touch!  

Ok first let me say I have the ipod touch 4th generation 32gb (a Christmas present from the husband about three years ago).  I had used the WalkWatch app but then realized it required GPS to accurately log my distance... and without my distance, my calories burned is incorrect as well.  The only thing accurate will be the length of time I ran!  Bothersome since I paid for the stupid thing.  I used to pick up GPS in the area I used to run (from free wifi I assume) but where I'm currently running I fail to pick up any.  

I downloaded the free version of Runtastic Pedometer and took it for a test run last week.  I was really happy with it.  It's got tons of cool features but the one thing I did want was the amount of calories burned BUT that only came with the paid version.  I was willing... more than willing actually, to spend the two bucks to purchase the pro version but then it couldn't be downloaded because it requires the iOS 7 be installed on my ipod.  

Because I'm such a genius... yup, a genius... I backed up my ipod and then proceeded to upgrade from the old iOS version 5.11 to the newest version ... without paying attention to what version number I was getting.  I ended up with version 6 point something-or-other but not version 7 because it isn't available for the fourth generation ipods!  So this means I could not get the pro version of the Runtastic Pedometer app.

What the hell!  *pardon me*  What the heck!!!

Ya I'm ticked, now I have to figure out how to roll back my ipod because version six sucks!  Like I said...genius!  

Anyway, I managed to find another app called Footsteps and it's free and it works pretty much like the expensive version of Runtastic by providing total amount of steps, distance, calories burned, and pace.  

ALL FOR FREE.  yup.  Free.  

My favorite price!  

I tested it out last week and it worked like a charm and yes I eagerly deleted the Runtastic & Walk Watch off my ipod!!

The Footsteps app also has a version for iOS 7 that includes some fancy layouts but pretty much everything else is the same as in the freebie version for lower iOS versions.

And this is why I love my ipod touch.... there's always an app for that!!!! 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mom Is Awesome!

I read an article the other day in an old magazine I stumbled on in my desk drawer.  The article was something about a woman saying her mother was great.  Ok sure, ask anyone and they'll say their mother is great.  I'm not belittling the article or the person writing about their mother or anyone else for that matter because if anyone were to ask me..... I'd say my mom is great too.

No, cancelled that, she's awesome!

Yes she is!


Not only is my mom gorgeous, and intelligent, she's one tough cookie. 

Personally, I credit everything I am to her.  And while I was a young snot nosed brat, she took me and my siblings to church thus planting the seeds of faith in us.  Mom's done plenty of big things for us like keeping a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, food on our plates.  Couldn't have been easy back in them days being a single parent but she did it!  

Mom is my hero.

She's also done plenty of small things like kiss our boo boo better, kiss us good night, play board games with us on a Friday night.  I smile when I remember the board games.  Then again I laugh when I think of how she always pranked all of us on April fools, and how she would distract us when she had to pull a splinter out of our hand or pull off a bandaid she knew would hurt us.  

Mom is awesome.

In my eyes, my mom is a chef: she always cooked for us, none of that fast food take out junk.  She's a baker: she'd bake from scratch!  She's a plumber: she knew how to fix the toilet when it broke.  She's a handyman: she had her own tools in a tool box and could fix anything!  She's a seamstress: she hemmed our pants and sewed on buttons.  She's an event planner: never missed a birthday or holiday, even on a dime.  She's a body guard: mess with her offspring and she'll beat the breaks off you!  She's big brother: she's always watching even if we thought she wasn't.  She's the police, judge and jury so you know we walked a straight line!  

Mom is awesome!  

Of all the people I pray for daily, my mom is the very first one on that list.  

Friday, May 9, 2014

Tea Time: Oreanthi

Yesterday I mentioned making a purchase of detox tea that tasted real bitter that I cringed while drinking it.  Well, here it is.

These four teas were sold in a multi-pack gift set with each box containing 6 transparent pyramid bags (not individually wrapped) of Detox, Energy, Relax and Light & Lean.  The brand name is Oreanthi  but was interested in something to detox, the rest were just an added bonus. (I'd never heard of Oreanthi before this purchase but you can click on the link if you need more info)

The Detox tea tasted horribly bitter and I made sure not to let it steep too long so it wasn't over steepage that caused the bitter taste.  Is "steepage" a real word or did I just make that up?  

I also tried the Relax tea, it's really just a fancy way of saying chamomile but it also contains lavender and passion flower.  Personally I found the taste to be quite similar to simple chamomile tea.  As for the Energy one, hmm... it may have been all in my head, you know, a psychological thing knowing that this tea was supposed to energize you, well I did feel energized after drinking it so I didn't really care if it was in my head or reality.  Besides, the world in my head is much better than reality sometimes.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tea Time: Detox & Digestive

I will confess, I've never really been a "fan" of herbal tea.  Aside from earl grey, lemon tea, and mint tea that's pretty much where it ended (not counting green teas).  It's not because I was reluctant to give any of the various flavors a try, it's more that I'm a coffee freak.  When I drink tea it always was just regular breakfast tea not brewed too strong, with a  bit of milk.  


I can't say exactly when I got turned on to herbal tea for health reasons but I do remember it had something to do with an article I read on the internet.  Since the grocery store stocks a large variety of teas, I decided to give some additional flavors a try.  

My recent purchase was Four O'clock tea; one for digestive, one for detox.  My inner pipes are giving me grief again so this purchase was more out of necessity than experimentation!  I know mint tea is really good for your internal pipes but I'm not a fan of ginger tea so seeing a tea that combines peppermint with ginger along with chamomile didn't sound so bad.  

Digestive: The taste.... delicious!  Yes I was surprised but then again mint does have an overpowering flavor.  The bags are individually wrapped and smell like mint.  They do also taste like mint but you can surely taste a hint of ginger in there too (they also contain chamomile).  

Detox: The taste.... smooth.  This also surprised me because I had recently made a purchase of detox tea and it tasted so bitter that I cringed while drinking it.  Seriously!!  The Four O'clock brand is made with dandelion root and also contains milk thistle, peppermint, burdock root, bitter fennel, ginger and artichoke... not that I can single out any of these flavors other than the ginger and mint though I can say it has a smooth taste, not too heavy on the mint or ginger either but enough to not make the taste harsh and bitter.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hold The Sugar Please

So after going 40 days without sugar (and coffee/caffeine) I'm back to my same old same old routine of having sweets. 

This is not good!

I can't go permanently without sugar.  I can't or won't read every single label to be sure I'm not getting any sugar either.  But what I can do is use a sugar replacement in my coffee or go completely sugar free in my coffee which will taste like dirt but I can adjust in the long run I suppose.  Where foods are concerned, I can look for sugar free but I won't go nuts looking for it, put it that way!  I realized that when I have something sweet, the next thing I know ... I'm on a food binge!  

I had donuts last week.!!!  No, not donut (singular) but donuts (more than one!)

Did I mention I'm greedy at times?  No?  Well, now you know!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Four Weeks

Is it wrong that I'm counting down the days till hubby and I go on vacation?  

We're quite excited to be heading on a cruise to the Caribbean and swim in warm water on beautiful beaches, maybe even go snorkeling. The weather in Montreal Quebec is quite cool for this time of year.  Been rainy all the time but looking on the bright side, at least we  didn't get any late spring snow like Calgary Alberta!  I do want a bit of sun before heading south because I'm allergic to the sun so it'll be hives season if I don't get adjusted prior to leaving!  Yikes....

The truth of it is, I'm actually looking forward to no house work, no cooking, no dirty dishes!  Sad but true! Breakfast in an all you can eat buffet.... dreamy sigh!!!