Friday, May 16, 2014

Buddy System

It's always a great idea to have a buddy system when trying to lose weight.  Whether the buddy be a local friend, or total stranger residing in a different city, either way, they can help motivate and encourage, or just be there to and allow you to vent!

My buddy is a total stranger in a different country, about the same age as me and in the same struggle to get healthy.  She's like my "sponsor" (not making light of anything), but she intervenes when I have a melt down and feel like eating a carton of ice cream.  In an email, I explained how I felt discouraged but wasn't truly ready to throw in the towel.  Her suggestion was reading material!

Not quite what I expected, truth be told.  

She suggested I search the Internet for 24 hour detox, read some articles and give one a try as soon as possible.  Then she suggested I put down the ipad and go to bed!  Ya, imagine that! But she's right, I do tend to scroll Facebook or play candy crush when I should be sleeping.  She suggested I search the Internet for the importance of sleep with regards to diet.  She also suggested I search YouTube for some 10 minute workouts and at least do one a day if not more.  I wish she were here to run with but she's not a runner....she's a walker anyway.  When I told her as much, she suggested I try to get 30 minutes a day of EITHER jogging OR walking.... Yup, seven days a week.  Ouch.  Can I really be that deciplined?  Well, if I want to drop ten or at least five pounds before vacation time I've got to do something.  

Something to think about for now.  Doing .... Well that's another story, my will power is dwindling.

Failure is not a option though! 

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