Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hold The Sugar Please

So after going 40 days without sugar (and coffee/caffeine) I'm back to my same old same old routine of having sweets. 

This is not good!

I can't go permanently without sugar.  I can't or won't read every single label to be sure I'm not getting any sugar either.  But what I can do is use a sugar replacement in my coffee or go completely sugar free in my coffee which will taste like dirt but I can adjust in the long run I suppose.  Where foods are concerned, I can look for sugar free but I won't go nuts looking for it, put it that way!  I realized that when I have something sweet, the next thing I know ... I'm on a food binge!  

I had donuts last week.!!!  No, not donut (singular) but donuts (more than one!)

Did I mention I'm greedy at times?  No?  Well, now you know!

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