Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mom Is Awesome!

I read an article the other day in an old magazine I stumbled on in my desk drawer.  The article was something about a woman saying her mother was great.  Ok sure, ask anyone and they'll say their mother is great.  I'm not belittling the article or the person writing about their mother or anyone else for that matter because if anyone were to ask me..... I'd say my mom is great too.

No, cancelled that, she's awesome!

Yes she is!


Not only is my mom gorgeous, and intelligent, she's one tough cookie. 

Personally, I credit everything I am to her.  And while I was a young snot nosed brat, she took me and my siblings to church thus planting the seeds of faith in us.  Mom's done plenty of big things for us like keeping a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, food on our plates.  Couldn't have been easy back in them days being a single parent but she did it!  

Mom is my hero.

She's also done plenty of small things like kiss our boo boo better, kiss us good night, play board games with us on a Friday night.  I smile when I remember the board games.  Then again I laugh when I think of how she always pranked all of us on April fools, and how she would distract us when she had to pull a splinter out of our hand or pull off a bandaid she knew would hurt us.  

Mom is awesome.

In my eyes, my mom is a chef: she always cooked for us, none of that fast food take out junk.  She's a baker: she'd bake from scratch!  She's a plumber: she knew how to fix the toilet when it broke.  She's a handyman: she had her own tools in a tool box and could fix anything!  She's a seamstress: she hemmed our pants and sewed on buttons.  She's an event planner: never missed a birthday or holiday, even on a dime.  She's a body guard: mess with her offspring and she'll beat the breaks off you!  She's big brother: she's always watching even if we thought she wasn't.  She's the police, judge and jury so you know we walked a straight line!  

Mom is awesome!  

Of all the people I pray for daily, my mom is the very first one on that list.  

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