Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ordinary Weightloss Bloggers

I've spent a bit of time reading some other blogs about personal weight loss.  I know some people may be tired of reading about people's diets or exercise routines, but the solution to that is....


Personally, I enjoy reading personal blogs more than the ones sponsored by some tv personality because the real person behind the blog likely doesn't have the medical support team, the personal trainer, the time to go to the fancy gym while the nanny looks after the kids.  No, the real woman has to make time to exercise in the living room or basement while the laundry is on or dinner is in the oven before running to pick the kids up from school.... You get the picture eh.   

Real people writing real blogs provide motivation for folks like me who stumble into their cyber space accidentally but leave with a sense that we are not alone in our struggle, and that our struggle isn't as tough as the next person.  

Just because we are trying to get fit, lose weight or change our eating habits doesn't mean we "hate ourselves", it means we love ourselves enough to realize we need to take better care of ourselves. 




These are what I find from thosse blogs because I don't have the local support group of friends.  I have the support of a total stranger on line in the same boat as me but she's not in the same city or country as me.  We help each other even if the blogs show no comments, the writers publish the blog for their own motivation and for the hope that, someone like me will find my way to it and get something out of it.  

Thank you to those bloggers:  Sassy Pear, & 300 Pounds Down.  I've been reading these blogs for a while, I would suggest clicking on the links and showing them some support too!!

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