Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pedometer App

I'm back to trying to log the distance I jog.  I had used those little clip on pedometers that count steps and give distance or calories burned but since I only got them off of ebay for about a buck each... needless to say they no longer work.  Cheap junk broke apart when it fell to the ground or just stopped working for no reason at all.  So now I'm back to using apps on the trusty ipod touch!  

Ok first let me say I have the ipod touch 4th generation 32gb (a Christmas present from the husband about three years ago).  I had used the WalkWatch app but then realized it required GPS to accurately log my distance... and without my distance, my calories burned is incorrect as well.  The only thing accurate will be the length of time I ran!  Bothersome since I paid for the stupid thing.  I used to pick up GPS in the area I used to run (from free wifi I assume) but where I'm currently running I fail to pick up any.  

I downloaded the free version of Runtastic Pedometer and took it for a test run last week.  I was really happy with it.  It's got tons of cool features but the one thing I did want was the amount of calories burned BUT that only came with the paid version.  I was willing... more than willing actually, to spend the two bucks to purchase the pro version but then it couldn't be downloaded because it requires the iOS 7 be installed on my ipod.  

Because I'm such a genius... yup, a genius... I backed up my ipod and then proceeded to upgrade from the old iOS version 5.11 to the newest version ... without paying attention to what version number I was getting.  I ended up with version 6 point something-or-other but not version 7 because it isn't available for the fourth generation ipods!  So this means I could not get the pro version of the Runtastic Pedometer app.

What the hell!  *pardon me*  What the heck!!!

Ya I'm ticked, now I have to figure out how to roll back my ipod because version six sucks!  Like I said...genius!  

Anyway, I managed to find another app called Footsteps and it's free and it works pretty much like the expensive version of Runtastic by providing total amount of steps, distance, calories burned, and pace.  

ALL FOR FREE.  yup.  Free.  

My favorite price!  

I tested it out last week and it worked like a charm and yes I eagerly deleted the Runtastic & Walk Watch off my ipod!!

The Footsteps app also has a version for iOS 7 that includes some fancy layouts but pretty much everything else is the same as in the freebie version for lower iOS versions.

And this is why I love my ipod touch.... there's always an app for that!!!! 

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