Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tea Time: Detox & Digestive

I will confess, I've never really been a "fan" of herbal tea.  Aside from earl grey, lemon tea, and mint tea that's pretty much where it ended (not counting green teas).  It's not because I was reluctant to give any of the various flavors a try, it's more that I'm a coffee freak.  When I drink tea it always was just regular breakfast tea not brewed too strong, with a  bit of milk.  


I can't say exactly when I got turned on to herbal tea for health reasons but I do remember it had something to do with an article I read on the internet.  Since the grocery store stocks a large variety of teas, I decided to give some additional flavors a try.  

My recent purchase was Four O'clock tea; one for digestive, one for detox.  My inner pipes are giving me grief again so this purchase was more out of necessity than experimentation!  I know mint tea is really good for your internal pipes but I'm not a fan of ginger tea so seeing a tea that combines peppermint with ginger along with chamomile didn't sound so bad.  

Digestive: The taste.... delicious!  Yes I was surprised but then again mint does have an overpowering flavor.  The bags are individually wrapped and smell like mint.  They do also taste like mint but you can surely taste a hint of ginger in there too (they also contain chamomile).  

Detox: The taste.... smooth.  This also surprised me because I had recently made a purchase of detox tea and it tasted so bitter that I cringed while drinking it.  Seriously!!  The Four O'clock brand is made with dandelion root and also contains milk thistle, peppermint, burdock root, bitter fennel, ginger and artichoke... not that I can single out any of these flavors other than the ginger and mint though I can say it has a smooth taste, not too heavy on the mint or ginger either but enough to not make the taste harsh and bitter.


Anonymous said...

So I was hoping you were going to elaborate on the detox tea. I just bought some after having over-worked myself into a terrible bout of flu- and trying to build myself back up- trying to leave medications out of the picture and experimenting with detoxing, etc..

The health food lady said this was a good one- (and your comment struck me- cause I've never been a fan of herbal tea- boring?!!!!) However out of necessity and wanting to feel better- I'm giving it a try. I'm also a coffee freak- but feel this probably aint' the healthiest thing at this point- so trying to avoid it for a little while.

So if you can- just curious what you thought of the detox- if it left you feeling better? Thanks.

Susan said...

I hadn't used the Detox tea to really detox my body. I drank it from time to time. For detoxing, I drink warm water with a few slices of lemon in it. It's better for detoxing and is a natural "disinfectant" for the intestines.