Friday, May 9, 2014

Tea Time: Oreanthi

Yesterday I mentioned making a purchase of detox tea that tasted real bitter that I cringed while drinking it.  Well, here it is.

These four teas were sold in a multi-pack gift set with each box containing 6 transparent pyramid bags (not individually wrapped) of Detox, Energy, Relax and Light & Lean.  The brand name is Oreanthi  but was interested in something to detox, the rest were just an added bonus. (I'd never heard of Oreanthi before this purchase but you can click on the link if you need more info)

The Detox tea tasted horribly bitter and I made sure not to let it steep too long so it wasn't over steepage that caused the bitter taste.  Is "steepage" a real word or did I just make that up?  

I also tried the Relax tea, it's really just a fancy way of saying chamomile but it also contains lavender and passion flower.  Personally I found the taste to be quite similar to simple chamomile tea.  As for the Energy one, hmm... it may have been all in my head, you know, a psychological thing knowing that this tea was supposed to energize you, well I did feel energized after drinking it so I didn't really care if it was in my head or reality.  Besides, the world in my head is much better than reality sometimes.

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