Friday, June 27, 2014

Day In St. Maarten

The second island on the cruise itinerary was St. Maarten.  This was our second time visiting this island and we took the same tour as last time too!  

Yes, that's me in shorts!  Chunky chicken thighs and all!  Seriously, my pale legs were begging for some sunshine.

We met our tour guide just around the corner from this sign and then had about a ten minute wait for the other tourists to arrive then off we went.  We went with Bernard's Tours again.  We booked "tour #2"  on line from their website  (not necessary to leave a deposit even though it asks for one!). They provide a comfortable island tour in a comfortable air conditioned bus that held 6 or 8 tourists.  Beverages were included in the tour so we got to have water, rum punch or cola.  The tour cost 

During the tour, our guide, David, told us about the history of the island and explained a bit about their politics and the upgrades that were being done to the island (there were lots of construction projects in progress).

We skipped the iguana farm this time because it was under reconstruction but otherwise everything else was great!  We had many photo-op stops and also a beach stop at Orient Beach... the beach that allows nudity.  I took a bit of video of a windsurfer and accidentally caught a topless woman who strolled down the beach.  No, I did not post the video to Youtube.  No, the woman wasn't young.  Picture Betty White topless if you can fathom that.  

At the beach, I did swim!  Yup, I put on my bathing suit and went into the water... forgot to remove my sun hat and glasses so I tried to be careful and just sit on the beach and let the water waves wash over me but a big wave toppled me over and almost stole my glasses!  They were prescription glasses with transition lenses so I could not lose them!!!  NOT AN OPTION!!!

The tour was about 4 hours long then we headed back to the ship for lunch in the buffet.  Not burgers and fries every day this time around, we had a great variety!  Each day on the ship the buffet honored a country so if memory serves me right we had a France inspired lunch.  I can't remember what the food was because I just remember the lemon cookies were awesome!!

The Explorer of the seas was docked in St Maarten also.  She arrived after we did and left after we did too.

That evening we caught the hypnosis show in the theatre and laughed ourselves silly.  Great show, was really funny because one of the contestants was over acting while another one had no clue she was supposed to PRETEND to be hypnotized.

....oh ya, we fell asleep in the Solarium again! :-)

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