Saturday, June 28, 2014

Oh Antigua!

We took the Island Safari 4x4 Off Road tour in Antigua!

Leave it to us to take the last seats at the back of the jeep that had the tiniest of seat belts to secure us in there!  And yup, I remembered my hat that day!!  I was seated in a real good position to get lots of video. 

This was our first time visiting Antigua and we figured the best way to see it was to drive it.  Our tour was with Antigua Island Adventures that we booked through the Excursions Desk aboard the Jewel of the Seas.  We wanted to pre book the tour online before the cruise but oops, we forgot!  But it wasn't a big deal to book it on the day we arrived on the ship since we had the tour information straight off the Royal Caribbean website.  The price for this tour was $59 USD per person and it was worth every penny.  The tour also included water, rum punch, cola and beer.  I stuck with the water, Tony took the rum punch!!  gasp!!!!

The only problem with this tour was the speaker system.  We couldn't make out a word the tour guide was saying.  It sounded like a bunch of bees (either that or he was blowing on a vuvuzela)


When the guide started talking, Tony looked at me with and I almost fell off the jeep laughing at his expression.  Glad to know I wasn't the only one confused by what the man was saying.  Once we started driving it really didn't matter because I was busy videoing the scenes and just enjoying the ride and fresh air!  

We drove through some towns and villages then went off road and drove through some countryside.  It was a beautiful sunny and hot day.  The tour lasted 3 hours which didn't seem long but it was worth the price in my opinion, save for the vuvuzela ... ha!

We had a stop at a beautiful view at a look out and had took some photos, stretched our legs and had some giggles amongst ourselves. 

Then along the way when we were driving the off roads, our guide played a joke on some of the tourists.  He stopped in a field, rolled up some lemon grass and tried to pass it off as marijuana... after a good chuckle he told them there was no marijuana, just lemon grass and lots of it!

Once the tour was over, we walked on the dock for a bit then back on the ship, lunch in the buffet, and then down to the 5th floor to watch the pier runners.

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