Friday, June 20, 2014

St Croix USVI

Our first port of call was St Croix, USVI where we booked a walking tour of Christiansted through the ships excursion desk because we didn't want to do a beach run which seemed to be the only thing to do in St. Croix.  

Our tour began at 8:30am sharp!  We set our alarm at 6:00am to allow time to get up, shower, have breakfast, snap a few pictures from the upper level of the ship and then head down to the gangway to exit the ship and meet up with our tour guide.  

Our guides name was Celeste and she was very informative.  I had read a review of this tour on the RCI website and it was only given a 2.5-3 star rating on five.  Personally, I enjoyed it.  We walked for almost three hours, viewed a fort and were told much information about it then walked along and were told of the vegetation on the island.  We passed some churches that were in session, as it was Sunday morning, and we were able to sit in on one of the services too.  There isn't much to do at this port except maybe go to the beach which is just waking distance from the pier anyway.  Not much shopping if any!  But over all it was an enjoyable day and quite hot and sunny as well!

Back aboard the ship we headed straight to the Windjammer buffet for lunch.  Our first real port day so we indulged in burgers and fries, ice cream and apple pie with lemonaide.  The lemonaide this time around seemed to be more "watered down" than our last Royal Caribbean cruise, just saying...

Later we spent time on deck then took a nap in the solarium pool area ha! ha!

We the dinner near 8pm in the buffet too, not the main dining room, then saw half of one of the broadway shows (it was boring....they called that show West Side to Broadway or something like that). It was much better than the ones on Carnival lines because the women's butts were completely covered and not just merely in a bedazzled thong.  We watched about 85% of the show then left the theatre.  The show basically was a collage of the hit tunes and scenes from Broadway hits like Cats, Rent, etc... It was ok, nice costumes, great singing voices but we just got lost on the theme of that particular show so it did nothing for us.

We went on deck so I could look at the stars which were amazing with the clear sky!  Wow, they took my breath away.

Back in our stateroom we turned on the tv and while channel surfing, stumbled on a movie and watched it... the movie was Poseidon, you know, the movie about the sinking cruise ship!  We watched it anyway, no worries.

Early to bed, early to rise....

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