Sunday, June 29, 2014

St. Lucia

St. Lucia was the island we really were excited to return to.  The last time we were here (in May 2012) it had rained all day.  The tour back then was very good most likely because the owner, Cosol, was our tour guide.  This time around the we had Baptiste as our tour guide.  He was alright but the tour itself was a far cry from what we experienced in 2012.  And not quite in a good way either! 

So like I said, we booked Cosol Tours online for $75 USD per person.  That, by the way, is an increase of $10 from the price it was in 2012!  At the end of the day, the tour was really only worth $60 at most.  Just my opinion.

We met at the dock near the shops and were supposed to leave at 9:30am sharp.  We left at 10:00am.  Not a good start.

We drove a bit then stopped at the banana fields where we sampled a fresh banana right off the tree.  Nice and sweet unlike the bananas we purchase here in Canada, strange but true.  That stop felt rushed compared to the last time we were there.  We piled back into the air conditioned bus and drove for what seemed like forever up winding roads and DID NOT stop to see the Lady Slipper like we did last time.  We didn't stop at the Piton look out either like we did last time... we just drove by it real fast but I managed to get a photo of it, last time we got to pose by it.  Photo bottom left 2014, photo bottom right 2012.

Some of our fellow tourists were disappointed by the drive by.  We did make it to Jalousie Beach, that they now renamed to Sugar Beach.  We took a water taxi to the beach where we enjoyed 90 minutes of beach time.  There was a small section with lawn chairs we could use for free but the side that the resort was located on, we were not permitted to use the chairs or umbrellas but were able to swim on that side of the beach.  The side where the free chairs were was a bit rocky but had great snorkeling.

  We had intended to do snorkeling here but once we noticed they didn't really clean the used snorkeling gear I backed out.  Tony said it's the salt water ocean water that cleans it but that wasn't good enough for Susan Germophobe (that's me).  I swam for a bit then before you know it, the water taxi came for us and this time I recorded it!!!  We hadn't purchased any disposable waterproof cameras for the trip so I was a bit worried to keep the camera dry.

This time around we did get a good tour of the volcano, as smelly as it was.  We also did the sulphuric mud bath at the waterfall too!

We got back to the ship too late to make the buffet so we had lunch at the Sea Side Cafe on the upper deck = fries, chicken strips, chicken wings and onion rings.  OH MY HEAVENS THE ONION RINGS WERE DELICIOUS!!!

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