Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kitchen Kronikles

 So I pulled out the crockpot this morning and set the drumsticks and BBQ sauce mix for 6 hours while I slept after work.  I later awoke to what was supposed to be tasty BBQ Honey drumsticks as per the recipe on Chef In Training (follow the link, it'll take you to the recipe) See the photo up top there, that's from Chef In Training, that's what I thought my chicken would look like. 

That picture there is of my crockpot with the ... I don't even know what to call it.  Drumstick soup.  I followed the recipe: 8 drumsticks skin removed, 18oz of BBQ sauce which ever is your preference, and 1/4 cup honey.  I placed the chicken in the pot, mixed the BBQ sauce & honey in a bowl then poured over the chicken, covered, turned on low setting for 6 hours (says 6-8 but mine were done in 6).  The chicken marinated well in the sauce. The honey tried to make a glaze but brown sugar would have glazed better in my opinion.  I used Kraft Chicken & Rib BBQ sauce.  Usually I like this one but mixed with honey, not so much.... 


No flavor at all!  Bland.  Blah!  I was going to retry this recipe but with another sauce, like Sweet & Sour or something but decided not to waste my chicken.  My husband almost begged me not to try this recipe again.  The left overs are his lunch lucky dude

I guess I could have displayed my chicken better, taking it out of the pot, sitting it nicely on a bright white square plate, sprinkling it with red pepper flakes and shallots, drizzle some gravy on the plate then take a photo on an angle but why bother, it wouldn't have changed the taste any.  

It was edible, but not enjoyable.  

Again, I expect it was my choice in BBQ sauce so the recipe should NOT say use your choice, but specifically say USE THE ONE THE RECIPE WRITER USED WHICH WAS SWEET BABY RAY'S.  Perhaps one day I'll remake this recipe with Sweet Baby Ray's, just not any time soon.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Slowly Going Down

So I didn't lose big time weight this week but each time I stepped on the scale it went down.  It's been two weeks of daily exercise except on weekends, and two weeks of also intermittent fasting except on weekends.  Now having said that, I obviously try hard not to over eat on weekends.  I have a big breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday morning mainly because these are the only two days I get to have a sit down slow eating breakfast with my husband.

My problem time is Sunday night.  I can stay up watching television and notice every single commercial for food.  Every commercial for reality shows that focus on food.  Then I go into the kitchen and look for food.

But not this week.

I really think that hypnosis thing is working, or it's all in my mind but hey, I'm alright with that too.  Sunday night I watched television late.  I had left over pasta and meat sauce for dinner at 7:00pm and only had mint tea after that.  No more food til 3:00pm Monday.  Yes my belly wants to munch on food but my mind keeps talking me out if it!  But that's a good thing right? 

I got cookies in the cupboard but my mind keeps saying no to my belly.  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hypnotizing The Voices In My Head

I can honestly say I'm still doing the daily exercise... 

Just not on weekends. 

Weekends really are busy enough with cooking, cleaning, visiting, fellowship, grocery shopping, yadda, yadda, yadda,....  And it really is difficult to exercise with my husband eyeballing me with a grin on his face.  No, he doesn't find me sweaty sexy... he finds me hilariously out of shape struggling with a push up.  So in no way, shape or form am I about to attempt a 15 second plank with him watching.  


Ok so the Monday to Friday daily workout is doing alright.  I spread out the jumping jacks because 100 is seriously too much to do all at once so I do 20 then do something else then do 20 more... you get the picture.  I also add 10 minutes of jogging on the spot with that routine.  I also got into the habit of getting off the bus two stops earlier when on my way to work so I get that extra two blocks walk for the fresh air and mind relaxing bit of calorie busters. 

Now, I found this app .... 

ya I know, I'm like the crazy app lady eh!  Ha!  

But I did find this app called Weight Loss Hypnosis at the app store.  I've installed it on my ipod touch.  I tried the free version first, I'd put it on when I went to bed and let it play... or rather hypnotize me to sleep!  Ha!  I also listen to the Eat Healthy Hypnosis, and the Love Exercise Hypnosis.  I have absolutely no clue what the person hypnotizing me is saying because five minutes into the thing I'm usually fast asleep so my "subconscious mind" is listening to it.   I'm trying hard not to laugh while I type this because it really sounds like some crazy stupid stuff.  

Having said that....   

I think it might be working.  Or my other personality in my subconscious mind thinks it is.  Don't look at me like I'm crazy, just go with it for a bit ok... 

I went into a corner store and did not buy any junk food... instead I bought a plum.  


I figure hey, if the voices in my head like the hypnosis then I'll pay the $2.99 and get the full version so I can adjust the settings.  I paid for the Weight Loss Hypnosis but still use the free version of the other two.  I'm going to keep listening to this hypnosis app, if not for weight loss then simply because I sleep like a baby when its jabbering on in my ears.  As long as I don't wake up barking like a dog, I'm good. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Working Combination

Finally found something that appears to work for me!  


This week I've combined a daily exercise routine that I found on Pinterest, along with intermittent fasting and a little bit of walking.  Ok so yes, technically the week isn't finished yet BUT... I must say I am not discouraged with this regimen nor am I bored with it.  It's the boredom that usually causes me to fall off the wagon.  Or laziness, you know, being too lazy to turn on the computer to boot up the exercise videos where Jillian Michaels works me like a dog.

I'm hurting though... seriously!  One hundred jumping jacks is nothing to joke about.  Whether it's regular jumping jacks or the modified version, arms are still being thrown in the air causing the shoulder muscles to work overtime.  I also get about 20 minutes of walking in a day on my way to and from work (combined) by getting off the bus a few blocks earlier.

And another thing, a small handful of the exercises  listed on the daily workout plan I had to search Youtube to find out what the heck the exercise was AND how it should be done correctly to avoid injury.  

Ever heard of Bird-Dogs?  

Neither have I!  I now know that it's that you get on all fours and lift one leg out and the opposing arm out at the same time.  Sounds easy enough.  Looked easy enough when the fit chick in the video demonstrated it but have an out of shape chick like me do it... nope, hard as heck let me tell you!  Apparently my legs are heavy.  

Big boned... ha! ha!

And don't get me started on the 30 second plank!  Who invented the plank anyway!!!  OH MY GOSH THAT HURTS.  But I am enjoying this.  I don't have to fiddle with my computer to get to the video.  I don't need a lot of space to do the exercises.  I don't need a lot of time to do them and if I feel energized enough to do another rep during the course of the day I can.  I haven't though because I'm just too lazy and getting it done once was hard enough!  
As for the intermittent fasting, being as I work night shift, I adjusted my eating hours to be between 2:00pm and 8:00pm.  No eating during any other hours, mostly because during some of them I'll be asleep right.  Now for the weekend, I'm adjusting it again, because I'm home, so I'll eat breakfast then nothing til dinner so just the two meals, and plenty of water.  I weighed in on Monday morning, so I'll wait till Saturday morning to weigh in again just to satisfy my curiosity.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Christmas In July

Mid July is usually the time I get started on the hand made Christmas decorations I make for family & friends.  I've already cross stitched 6 ornaments for kids at church but still have 30 more to make.  I've chosen the plastic canvas pattern that will be this year's family keepsake ornament but still have to draw the pattern, cut the plastic and stitch them.  I've also made 6 felt flower broaches for ladies at church and I'd like to get a dozen more made if possible.  I'll be scheduling some alone time in the coming weeks to stitch the weekend away and stay ahead of the game.  Seems these past two years I've always made it down to the wire when the distribution/mailing date rolled around.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.  

I've posted the pictures of the cross stitch ornaments on my flickr account (before stitching the names on of course) and I have yet to post the felt flower pins but the plastic canvas family ornament will only be posted AFTER delivery.

note: photo courtesy of bronzemagonline dot com

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I'm Tired

I'm happy to say I'm back on point!  Thanks Milk of Magnesia!  I exercised again today and didn't gripe about it. Though if I must say, the vertical leg crunches were ...OUCH!

I'm taking this exercise thing one day at a time because I am so lazy at this point it's just not funny any more.  I've got insomnia and am lucky to get close to 5 hours of sleep a day... IF I'M LUCKY.  I suspect it may be the caffeine.  But in defense of caffeine and glorious coffee that contains said caffeine...I need lots of it to stay awake at night since I work the night shift eh.  Getting back to work after three weeks vacation is hard.  REAL HARD.  I'm honestly surprised I'm not falling asleep on the job... ya that'd be because of the caffeine eh!  See what I mean.  

So I'm weaning myself off of caffeine slowly, not just going cold turkey like I usually do and it works well that way for me usually but not this time.  I'm having "half-caf" instant coffee, or "coffee-lite" and some call it.  I'm drinking plenty of green tea so maybe there's caffeine in there too... things that make you go hmmm...

I'm back to drinking 2 litres of water a day, and my toilet thanks me for the constant visits.  The porcelain bowl suggests I leave my ipad in there to play candy crush while I'm seated... STOOPID!!!  Pardon me, that's my lack of sleep talking!  Though today I slept fairly well but not well enough but I'm not in zombie mode so no real complaints.  I fasted intermittently yesterday AND today and I'm feeling alright.  

I'm tired.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday's Routine

Today, I exercised!!  

Yes I did.  I'm actually pretty proud of myself too... pretty tired and lazy too but I did it.

I found the exercise list over on Pinterest, you know, my second favorite place (Blogger is my favorite place FYI).   There's also tons of other daily exercise lists similar to this one that I find quite useful so when I get bored of this one I'll score another.  

I have a 30 day list of exercises to do and they are all Jillian Michaels' routines which are hard as hell.  You ever see that meme that says "work out like she's watching"?  Well, whenever I do a routine led by her, I get all nervous and struggle to keep up because I feel her eyes on me!  Stupid eh?  



I over ate this past weekend.  Lots of good food so guess who ain't complaining one bit (shh, don't tell Jillian).  I'm not setting any difficult goals at the moment.  I do want to drop 25 pounds and I do want to do it the healthy way by making healthy changes.  I do want to include a bit of exercise a day, at least 20 to 30 minutes if not more but as a bare minimum, you know.  My inner pipes are giving me grief ever since I got back from the cruise.  They gave me grief during the cruise too come to think of it I was taking Metamucil at the time.  Anyway, I've photographed myself, measured myself, weighed myself on that traitorous scale, and will take a photo & measurement every two weeks... but not posting them on here, oh heck no!  I'm still not brave enough for that, sad but true. I need to keep track of any loss.

I'm still drinking plenty of green tea ...detox green tea, mega slim green tea, digestive green tea, you name it, if it contains green tea, I'm drinking it! I've been drinking detox water too:  water with lemon & strawberries.  I just need to drink MORE water because I'm a tad dehydrated as per my busy leg muscles.  First I thought it was exhaustion but it's dehydration according to my dry face which is always the dead give away when I need to drink more water.  

Ok so, ya, that pretty much sums up Monday.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Away We Go!

Alright, so during my vacation I ate pretty much everything the buffet offered!  Three weeks later and guess who STILL is eating like there's no tomorrow?

You guessed it!  ME!

I don't know why I always have to begin a weightloss regimen on a Monday, but that's the tune I'm singing right now.  ....and because I've got a church Bar-B-Q on Sunday afternoon.  

Can you say BAR B Q?!

All together now....BAR B Q!!!!

Ok seriously, I did shed the couple of pounds I gained while on vacation but I'm still eating junk and I still have a goal to achieve and according to my weight loss app, if I exercise and eat better, not only will I sleep better but I'll lose more weight quicker and achieve my goal by mid December.  It's just really difficult when there's so much good food around.  Especially in the summer...BBQ season.

Sigh...I can do it, I just need a kick in my chicken phat butt to get started. 

Note:  photo courtesy of Pinterest. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sea Day

Our final day aboard the Jewel of the Seas was a sea day.  The ship cruised from Barbados back to San Juan so the good thing about this day was we finally got to sleep in a bit!  The whole week consisted of us getting up at 6:00am so we could shower and rush for breakfast before the ship docked and we had to usher off the ship to meet up with our excursion group.  Unlike our last cruise which had the sea day on the second day, we liked that this time it was on the last day.  We like the sea days to be first or last or evenly in between... but that's just us!  

We spent most of the day just lounging around and having some fun with the camera taking pictures and video and chatting it up with some of the workers.  We also made it to the sport bar "The Pit Stop" to watch the World Cup!  What can we say, we're sports fans big time but that's another blog in itself!  
One thing I liked was how the elevators declared the day of the week.  We photographed them most days when we remembered!  
The afternoon was spent in the state room packing our things then we went to the customer relations desk and settled our bill.  We set things up with a credit card but then at the end of the cruise pay it off in cash so that nothing gets charged to the card...  who wants to come back from vacation with a big credit card bill?  Not us!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Our final island on this cruise was Barbados.  We'd been here on our last cruise and opted for a different tour that took us around more of the cities than countryside like last time.  Once again we had terrific weather; hot, and sunny. The weather forecast is read over the intercom each morning when the ship docked and each morning, though the forecast predicted chances of showers, the captain assured us that there wouldn't be any and he was so right!

We booked this tour through the Jewel of the Seas Excursion desk since we couldn't find any on the internet with a great review.  The tour was the Coast to Coast tour.  We boarded our tour bus, that had excruciatingly narrow seats, but it was air conditioned and half empty so we were able to hog two seats.

The bus left the port and wound its way through the roads while the guide provided us with information on the various businesses, government and population.

We made a stop at an old church where we had the chance to take photos, walk through an old cemetery and then back on the bus to the next stop.

This was a nice tour as we got to see a bit of the whole island more or less.  We seen country side and then city as well.  We also stopped at Bathsheba beach again for a photo op.  After the tour, we headed back on the ship, no walking around the port because there really wasn't anything to see near it.

We had lunch in the Windjammer buffet and later that evening we also had dinner there.  Our towel creation caused us to both jump out of our skin (not literally) because it was hanging from the ceiling!