Saturday, July 12, 2014

Away We Go!

Alright, so during my vacation I ate pretty much everything the buffet offered!  Three weeks later and guess who STILL is eating like there's no tomorrow?

You guessed it!  ME!

I don't know why I always have to begin a weightloss regimen on a Monday, but that's the tune I'm singing right now.  ....and because I've got a church Bar-B-Q on Sunday afternoon.  

Can you say BAR B Q?!

All together now....BAR B Q!!!!

Ok seriously, I did shed the couple of pounds I gained while on vacation but I'm still eating junk and I still have a goal to achieve and according to my weight loss app, if I exercise and eat better, not only will I sleep better but I'll lose more weight quicker and achieve my goal by mid December.  It's just really difficult when there's so much good food around.  Especially in the summer...BBQ season.

Sigh...I can do it, I just need a kick in my chicken phat butt to get started. 

Note:  photo courtesy of Pinterest. 

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