Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Our final island on this cruise was Barbados.  We'd been here on our last cruise and opted for a different tour that took us around more of the cities than countryside like last time.  Once again we had terrific weather; hot, and sunny. The weather forecast is read over the intercom each morning when the ship docked and each morning, though the forecast predicted chances of showers, the captain assured us that there wouldn't be any and he was so right!

We booked this tour through the Jewel of the Seas Excursion desk since we couldn't find any on the internet with a great review.  The tour was the Coast to Coast tour.  We boarded our tour bus, that had excruciatingly narrow seats, but it was air conditioned and half empty so we were able to hog two seats.

The bus left the port and wound its way through the roads while the guide provided us with information on the various businesses, government and population.

We made a stop at an old church where we had the chance to take photos, walk through an old cemetery and then back on the bus to the next stop.

This was a nice tour as we got to see a bit of the whole island more or less.  We seen country side and then city as well.  We also stopped at Bathsheba beach again for a photo op.  After the tour, we headed back on the ship, no walking around the port because there really wasn't anything to see near it.

We had lunch in the Windjammer buffet and later that evening we also had dinner there.  Our towel creation caused us to both jump out of our skin (not literally) because it was hanging from the ceiling!

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