Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Christmas In July

Mid July is usually the time I get started on the hand made Christmas decorations I make for family & friends.  I've already cross stitched 6 ornaments for kids at church but still have 30 more to make.  I've chosen the plastic canvas pattern that will be this year's family keepsake ornament but still have to draw the pattern, cut the plastic and stitch them.  I've also made 6 felt flower broaches for ladies at church and I'd like to get a dozen more made if possible.  I'll be scheduling some alone time in the coming weeks to stitch the weekend away and stay ahead of the game.  Seems these past two years I've always made it down to the wire when the distribution/mailing date rolled around.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.  

I've posted the pictures of the cross stitch ornaments on my flickr account (before stitching the names on of course) and I have yet to post the felt flower pins but the plastic canvas family ornament will only be posted AFTER delivery.

note: photo courtesy of bronzemagonline dot com

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