Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hypnotizing The Voices In My Head

I can honestly say I'm still doing the daily exercise... 

Just not on weekends. 

Weekends really are busy enough with cooking, cleaning, visiting, fellowship, grocery shopping, yadda, yadda, yadda,....  And it really is difficult to exercise with my husband eyeballing me with a grin on his face.  No, he doesn't find me sweaty sexy... he finds me hilariously out of shape struggling with a push up.  So in no way, shape or form am I about to attempt a 15 second plank with him watching.  


Ok so the Monday to Friday daily workout is doing alright.  I spread out the jumping jacks because 100 is seriously too much to do all at once so I do 20 then do something else then do 20 more... you get the picture.  I also add 10 minutes of jogging on the spot with that routine.  I also got into the habit of getting off the bus two stops earlier when on my way to work so I get that extra two blocks walk for the fresh air and mind relaxing bit of calorie busters. 

Now, I found this app .... 

ya I know, I'm like the crazy app lady eh!  Ha!  

But I did find this app called Weight Loss Hypnosis at the app store.  I've installed it on my ipod touch.  I tried the free version first, I'd put it on when I went to bed and let it play... or rather hypnotize me to sleep!  Ha!  I also listen to the Eat Healthy Hypnosis, and the Love Exercise Hypnosis.  I have absolutely no clue what the person hypnotizing me is saying because five minutes into the thing I'm usually fast asleep so my "subconscious mind" is listening to it.   I'm trying hard not to laugh while I type this because it really sounds like some crazy stupid stuff.  

Having said that....   

I think it might be working.  Or my other personality in my subconscious mind thinks it is.  Don't look at me like I'm crazy, just go with it for a bit ok... 

I went into a corner store and did not buy any junk food... instead I bought a plum.  


I figure hey, if the voices in my head like the hypnosis then I'll pay the $2.99 and get the full version so I can adjust the settings.  I paid for the Weight Loss Hypnosis but still use the free version of the other two.  I'm going to keep listening to this hypnosis app, if not for weight loss then simply because I sleep like a baby when its jabbering on in my ears.  As long as I don't wake up barking like a dog, I'm good. 

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