Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kitchen Kronikles

 So I pulled out the crockpot this morning and set the drumsticks and BBQ sauce mix for 6 hours while I slept after work.  I later awoke to what was supposed to be tasty BBQ Honey drumsticks as per the recipe on Chef In Training (follow the link, it'll take you to the recipe) See the photo up top there, that's from Chef In Training, that's what I thought my chicken would look like. 

That picture there is of my crockpot with the ... I don't even know what to call it.  Drumstick soup.  I followed the recipe: 8 drumsticks skin removed, 18oz of BBQ sauce which ever is your preference, and 1/4 cup honey.  I placed the chicken in the pot, mixed the BBQ sauce & honey in a bowl then poured over the chicken, covered, turned on low setting for 6 hours (says 6-8 but mine were done in 6).  The chicken marinated well in the sauce. The honey tried to make a glaze but brown sugar would have glazed better in my opinion.  I used Kraft Chicken & Rib BBQ sauce.  Usually I like this one but mixed with honey, not so much.... 


No flavor at all!  Bland.  Blah!  I was going to retry this recipe but with another sauce, like Sweet & Sour or something but decided not to waste my chicken.  My husband almost begged me not to try this recipe again.  The left overs are his lunch lucky dude

I guess I could have displayed my chicken better, taking it out of the pot, sitting it nicely on a bright white square plate, sprinkling it with red pepper flakes and shallots, drizzle some gravy on the plate then take a photo on an angle but why bother, it wouldn't have changed the taste any.  

It was edible, but not enjoyable.  

Again, I expect it was my choice in BBQ sauce so the recipe should NOT say use your choice, but specifically say USE THE ONE THE RECIPE WRITER USED WHICH WAS SWEET BABY RAY'S.  Perhaps one day I'll remake this recipe with Sweet Baby Ray's, just not any time soon.

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