Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday's Routine

Today, I exercised!!  

Yes I did.  I'm actually pretty proud of myself too... pretty tired and lazy too but I did it.

I found the exercise list over on Pinterest, you know, my second favorite place (Blogger is my favorite place FYI).   There's also tons of other daily exercise lists similar to this one that I find quite useful so when I get bored of this one I'll score another.  

I have a 30 day list of exercises to do and they are all Jillian Michaels' routines which are hard as hell.  You ever see that meme that says "work out like she's watching"?  Well, whenever I do a routine led by her, I get all nervous and struggle to keep up because I feel her eyes on me!  Stupid eh?  



I over ate this past weekend.  Lots of good food so guess who ain't complaining one bit (shh, don't tell Jillian).  I'm not setting any difficult goals at the moment.  I do want to drop 25 pounds and I do want to do it the healthy way by making healthy changes.  I do want to include a bit of exercise a day, at least 20 to 30 minutes if not more but as a bare minimum, you know.  My inner pipes are giving me grief ever since I got back from the cruise.  They gave me grief during the cruise too come to think of it I was taking Metamucil at the time.  Anyway, I've photographed myself, measured myself, weighed myself on that traitorous scale, and will take a photo & measurement every two weeks... but not posting them on here, oh heck no!  I'm still not brave enough for that, sad but true. I need to keep track of any loss.

I'm still drinking plenty of green tea ...detox green tea, mega slim green tea, digestive green tea, you name it, if it contains green tea, I'm drinking it! I've been drinking detox water too:  water with lemon & strawberries.  I just need to drink MORE water because I'm a tad dehydrated as per my busy leg muscles.  First I thought it was exhaustion but it's dehydration according to my dry face which is always the dead give away when I need to drink more water.  

Ok so, ya, that pretty much sums up Monday.

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