Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sea Day

Our final day aboard the Jewel of the Seas was a sea day.  The ship cruised from Barbados back to San Juan so the good thing about this day was we finally got to sleep in a bit!  The whole week consisted of us getting up at 6:00am so we could shower and rush for breakfast before the ship docked and we had to usher off the ship to meet up with our excursion group.  Unlike our last cruise which had the sea day on the second day, we liked that this time it was on the last day.  We like the sea days to be first or last or evenly in between... but that's just us!  

We spent most of the day just lounging around and having some fun with the camera taking pictures and video and chatting it up with some of the workers.  We also made it to the sport bar "The Pit Stop" to watch the World Cup!  What can we say, we're sports fans big time but that's another blog in itself!  
One thing I liked was how the elevators declared the day of the week.  We photographed them most days when we remembered!  
The afternoon was spent in the state room packing our things then we went to the customer relations desk and settled our bill.  We set things up with a credit card but then at the end of the cruise pay it off in cash so that nothing gets charged to the card...  who wants to come back from vacation with a big credit card bill?  Not us!!

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