Monday, July 28, 2014

Slowly Going Down

So I didn't lose big time weight this week but each time I stepped on the scale it went down.  It's been two weeks of daily exercise except on weekends, and two weeks of also intermittent fasting except on weekends.  Now having said that, I obviously try hard not to over eat on weekends.  I have a big breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday morning mainly because these are the only two days I get to have a sit down slow eating breakfast with my husband.

My problem time is Sunday night.  I can stay up watching television and notice every single commercial for food.  Every commercial for reality shows that focus on food.  Then I go into the kitchen and look for food.

But not this week.

I really think that hypnosis thing is working, or it's all in my mind but hey, I'm alright with that too.  Sunday night I watched television late.  I had left over pasta and meat sauce for dinner at 7:00pm and only had mint tea after that.  No more food til 3:00pm Monday.  Yes my belly wants to munch on food but my mind keeps talking me out if it!  But that's a good thing right? 

I got cookies in the cupboard but my mind keeps saying no to my belly.  

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