Friday, August 22, 2014

Betty Crocker & Me

My relationship with Betty Crocker at this point evolved to an obsessive one, but nothing close to the love/hate thing like I have for Kitchenaide.  I'll explain the Kitchenaide thing in another blog later, as for Betty Crocker... I'm not sure if it's the cute red wooden spoon logo or what but I'm crazy for Betty right now!

This past Christmas I received a set of measuring cups, a whisk and a strainer all containing the Betty Crocker logo!  Much to my joy!  The Dollarama carries plenty of Betty's merchandise and I've been stocking up.  I'm guessing it's because all the old stock is red and they appear to be moving to more neutral/kitchen friendly colours like white and black.

Do I care for the red?  Hey, my kitchen is ghetto chic, in other words, nothing really matches.  As long as the appliance or gadget works, it serves its purpose.

I recently got the set of three colanders, the carrot peeler, the heavy duty can opener, two cookie sheets, two 9" round cake pans, and a mesh cookie cooling rack.  ALL AT THE DOLLAR STORE for under $3 each.  Not bad eh!  So ya, I'm obsessed!

I still need to pick up the mixing bowl, storage containers, some baking spatulas and that pizza cutter just because it'll be sharper than the dull one currently in my kitchen drawer. 

And you know the awesome thing is.... my kettle is Betty Crocker and I didn't even know it!  Probably because it's white and not red!  HA!

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