Saturday, August 23, 2014

In The Kitchen With Betty

Apparently Betty Crocker has a whole slew of cookie mixes  that nobody told me about.  Friday morning on my way home from work I purchased the Peanut Butter Cookie mix along with the Double Chocolate Chunk mix just out of curiosity. 

While in the grocery store on Friday morning the Betty Crocker logo jumped out at me and I was curious to know if these cookie mixes taste good.  Usually I prefer my cookies home baked from scratch.  I use the recipe for peanut butter cookies that's found on the Kraft Peanut Butter jar (or click here for the web site recipe).  I have no issue with Betty Crocker cake mixes or their icing for that matter.  I've also tried their muffin mixes that turn out nice and tasty also.  But the cookie mix... hmm... that made me pause.  I recall making oatmeal cookies from a cookie mix that didn't turn out all too well but can't remember what brand they were.

Betty's peanut butter cookies only required two teaspoons of water, one egg and three tablespoons of vegetable oil.  Mix everything together with the whole bag of cookie mix, roll into 3 dozen balls onto cookie sheets, flatten with a fork so they look like the photo on the cover of the package and bake at 350*F for 8 to 10 minutes or until lightly browned.  I baked them for 10 minutes then let them cool on the new Betty Crocker cookie cooling rack I bought recently

First taste... it's not so much as to what was missing from the taste as much as what was the predominant taste.  They tasted nice, soft, but not "wow these are so full of awesomeness" good.  I found I tasted oil more than the peanut butter.  They had a faint smell of peanut butter but nothing that seduces your senses.  They were soft, looked nice and were easy to make BUT .... they tasted nothing like peanut butter cookies made from scratch using the Kraft recipe.  Cookies made with the Kraft recipe melt in your mouth leaving the taste of peanut butter lingering on your tongue.  The scent of peanut butter fills the kitchen while they bake in the oven... *heavy breathing*......

.....but I got none of that from the Betty Crocker package.  Tomorrow I'll make the Double Chocolate Chunk cookies and see how they come out.  I suspect they will taste much better than the peanut butter ones did.

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