Monday, August 4, 2014

In The Kitchen

Once again I'm testing out some delicious recipes in the slow cooker.  Mine is a Crock Pot brand and it's bright red!  It was a Christmas gift from my eldest sister in 2012.  

I'm not new to making beef with broccoli.  I usually make it on the stove and use the powder beef & broccoli sauce mix by Kikkoman found in the Oriental section of the supermarket.  I was interested in making this in the crock pot just because I'm currently on a crock pot high or something.  The recipe was found on Pinterest, which linked to Chef in Training, click the link and be magically transported to the recipe on their page.  Now maybe it's just me but I was not fond of the final turn out of this recipe for two reasons.  

#1 the taste
#2 the way the beef looked

Lets get to the recipe:  I've never used sesame oil before and followed this recipe and added the requested one tablespoon of it.  Yes, I purchased it especially for this recipe can I get my money back?.  I followed the recipe instructions exactly but cooking the beef for 6-8 hours on low?  Uh.. .. ok I know it depends on the model of crock pot you're using, and like I said, I've got the Crock Pot brand so there you go.  This beef should only have been cooked 5-6 hours on low and even that's cutting it close.  The recipe later calls for a cornstarch mix to be added to thicken the gravy sauce but get this.... when I carefully mixed in the cornstarch concoction, all my beef fell apart and crumbled!  I was left with beef soup in thick broth and not beef strips!  

The taste was alright, it did have a nice oriental taste but I guess I'm just biased to the beef & broccoli mix I usually use on the stove top.  I won't make this recipe in the crock pot again, I'll just continue to make it the way I usually do with the Kikkoman mix but it was worth a try and it was edible too.  The husband said it was alright except for the beef being clumpy to look at.  Still, not a bad recipe and worth the try at least once.

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