Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Broken Hypnosis?

A while ago I'd been sampling some weightloss hypnosis apps.  Most of the time I listened to them as I went to bed, slept like a rock too!  Dont recall for the life of me what the hypnosis person was telling me but as i didn't wake up barking like a dog...

And I even paid three whole bucks for them from the iTunes Store too!  

Well I haven't used them in weeks but my friend who likes to over analyse everything on this planet and beyond has suggested that I'm not REALLY emotional eating, more like my hypnosis has stopped working so my sweet tooth is playing catch up.  

Yup, I've got the W T F letters floating above my head too!  


Her reasoning is that if I over ate or ate unhealthy foods prior to hypnosis, then did well health wise during hypnosis, that it "makes perfect sense" that I'm retreating back to old habits because the hypnosis has stopped.  

Well that might make some sort of sense but that just means I've got to stay with that hypnosis gizmo forever in order to drop the pounds and keep them off.  I don't want to admit she may have a point so I'm not going to tell her I'm going to get back to using the hypnosis just to prove her wrong, but hey, if I drop ten pounds in the process then sure I'll confess.  

I did plenty of walking and some exercises on Monday.  I'm taking the drop ten by halloween very seriously, so seriously in fact that I celebrated with two crispy crunch chocolate bars, a small bag of Doritos and an orange crush soda pop.  

I have no shame.  

Monday, September 29, 2014

Feeding The Emotions

It's always great to have a support group when it comes to weightloss and your eating habits.  I've been faithfully logging my food in the LoseIt app and the tidbit of exercises I've been doing but I also the not so healthy choices.

After a discussion with some online friends about weightloss, exercise and our mental state, we've all decided to take a challenge to drop 10 pounds by halloween.  It'll be difficult for the whole lot of us because we all seem to be doing the same thing...logging but still eating to satisfy our emotions.  Good happy emotions so let's celebrate, and depressing I don't want to leave my bed except to order pizza emotions.  

I read quite a few articles on the internets about emotional eating and I must say, it didn't tell me anything I didn't already know.  What I was looking for is how to retrain my brain to grab a green tea or pieces of fruit instead of that crispy crunch or kit kat bar.  Anyway, I've been walking at least thirty minutes a day, five days a week so I'm going to up that so keep my brain clear.  

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A True Story...

I meant to blog this a while ago but never had the chance.  About two weeks ago I was speaking with one of my friends and she was telling me about this woman  she works with who insists she was abducted by aliens.   She told me that this woman claims it's been going on for years.  Said when she was young she used to go to the bathroom and when she had a poop she would always look in the toilet before flushing but on occasion the toilet was empty even though she felt and heard the turd fall into the bowl.   She said it made her suspicious, that perhaps she was rejecting an invisible anal probe.

I can't make this stuff up, seriously.  

My friend also said the woman has proof, she said street lights always go out occasionally when she
walks under them, and that her radio gets lots of static when she's listening to it, and her microwave makes a dull humming noise when she uses it. 

*blank stare*

She said the lady suspects the aliens are upset at NASA for sending space probes to other planets.

My friend was telling me this with a straight face, she can never lie without laughing.  She proceeded to tell me she told the woman to wear aluminum foil on her head because they'll soon start whispering to her.  Apparently my friend has found new entertainment at her place of employment.

.....I feel I should end this by saying.... This is a true story, it happend to a friend of a friend of mine.  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The NextIssue Issue

So I finally signed up for NextIssue.

Sorry Zinio, but you had to have seen this coming!  

I'm not too fond of the regular vs premium subscriptions.  The regular subscription boasts of over one hundred magazines.  Ok it's true, yes I counted them.  Theres like a hundred and ten titles on basic.  And I will say up front that I took into consideration the "target reader" before composing this piece of literary awesomeness.  There are magazines on travel, cottages, decorating, cooking, photography, computers, fashion, health & fitness, family, parenting, gossip and news.  Personally, I could do without the computer, health & fitness, travel, photography, decorating and parenting magazines but I realize the selection is so there'll be something for everyone. 

Now, the premium subscriptions add the gossip mags like People & US, and other more educational mags like The New Yorker.  I refuse to pay an extra $5 for premium just yet.  I'm still on the one month free trial and haven't yet decided if I'll even pay $10 to keep the basic subscription.

My personal selection included Women's Day, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle or whatever it's called, Essence was a waste of time for me, so was the O magazine by Oprah.  I only like her favourite things issue.  The Dr Oz magazine was alright, as was the Rachel whatsherlastname magazine.  I like her tv show and her mag is just as entertaining.  Self sucks so I didn't choose it and I already got Shape on Zinio so I didn't bother with it.  Better Homes & Gardens was interesting, as was More and AllRecipes was awesome!!!  Glamour was so so, but I didn't bother with Cosmo.  

What I love about this NextIssue thing is the back issues are included!  You don't have to pay extra and you only download the issues you want to read.  I thought that was cool especially the cooking mags with their holiday issues on cookies and pies from last year and the year prior!  Seriously!  That is awesome!  I said awesome in my Oprah voice, I like Oprah, her magazine, not so much.  Perhaps if she stopped over photoshopping the cover....

I'm almost two weeks into the trial month but I give this a 4.5 on 5 star.  It lost half a star for not putting at least one gossip mag in the basic subscription.  Ha! 😜

Saturday, September 13, 2014

This Storm Will Pass

 I'm sick with the flu.  My nose is so sore from blowing it.  My eyes are dry and scratchy. My throat hurts, my body feels like its been hit by a Mac truck and I'm cranky.

Work this week took every ounce of my energy, physically and mentally.  

But in this storm I will still praise God.

Ok, so obviously I did no exercising most of this week being as I'm sick.  My appetite has dwindled most likely because my taste buds have vacated the premises.  I've been replacing one meal a day with a bowl of soup which in turn has helped me to control my calorie intake.  Other than that... I'm still alive!  

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wait A Minute

Hey wait, now that I think about it, I DID WALK FOR 30 minutes on Monday!  And quite briskly too!  I was on my way to work Monday night and missed the bus so I walked.  That should count right?!

I didn't eat much on Monday so my calories weren't so bad but could be better.  I'm beginning to think the one hour of walking will be difficult with me getting home late from work and needing to make time to sleep before the mail man buzzes my door or my husband arrives home, you know, all the basic interruptions of sleep that occur during THE DAY.

I'm going to chat with my friend in a bit but I'm going to trim the walking to 30 minutes daily for these next five days and give a report on how that worked out.  

Every little bit helps.  And I'm buying that avocado.  Not looking forward to eating it though but... 

Granny Smith Apple

Ok, so day one of my five day "challenge" was a bust.  Sad but true. I'm in big trouble now.

 I was so exhausted and feeling mentally under the weather that I spent the better half of Monday sleeping...I worked Monday night so I needed the shut eye to prepare me for the job (or so I keep telling myself).   I did do the daily exercise containing the bazillion jumping jacks.  Yes sir, I'm still keeping up with that routine at least.  I've noticed some minor differences but I still need to do more.

  I discovered my body type is ... Kim Kardashian!  Ha!  Who am I kidding, my bum may be as big as hers (mine wasn't surgically enhanced...just sayin) but my waist isn't as narrow.  My bum and thick waist are courtesy of plenty of good food.  

Speaking of food, I'm an apple shape apparently.

...mmm apples

My mind is always on food these days,  Sigh.  Give me some credit, I'm trying, failing miserably but not giving up... Hey, I'm still spending 20-30 minutes a day doing those daily exercises so things can't be all bad.  

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Five Days

I'm still trying to get myself out of this emotional funk I've been in these past couple of weeks.  I spent Friday and Saturday relaxing, doing some crafting, organizing my craft stash and photographing them for the Flickr groups.  It felt great to take a bit of a break from the ordinary day to day and just focus on something I enjoy.

Now it's time to get back in control.

I've been emotional eating for three weeks straight.  Not so bad and out of control, just not as healthy as I would want to.  That's my major weakness...eating when my emotions are out of whack.  Now, after a nice long walk, time spent alone, tears, and lots of prayer (and a hug from Mom), I'm ready to take control.  

The thing I like most about this time of year is its pretty much harvest season so fresh vegetables are in abundance.  What better way to get back to basics than with a trip to the farmers market.  I've purchased a subscription to NextIssue and downloaded a bunch of magazines with recipes containing fresh vegetables.  I'm also going to get back to taking vitamin supplements on a regular basis.  I was told perhaps I've got some imbalance going on.  

A friend put together a five day program for me...actually it feels more like a challenge!  Five days of going for a 60 minute walk.  No jogging, just walking while listening to ambient music and clearing my mind.  Five days of having five full servings of vegetables a day.  That'll be tough but I'm game.  Five days of getting at least 8 full hours of sleep... I work nights, overtime as of recently so that will be the biggest challenge.  And drink 2 litres of water a day.   And completely remove cafeine from my system.  I've had decaf coffee at home and when i go to Tim Hortons as well, but i have a jar of regular roast instant Maxwell House in my locker at work and that may be sabotaging my sleep.  

Five days.  

She insisted I log my day to day on here and to be honest when I do, so let the fun begin.

Five days.  

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Craft On, Craft Off

So the bulk of this weekend was spent doing what I enjoy most... Crafts!

I've been busy photographing the craft supply stash and uploading them to Flickr and the craft groups I frequent therein.  

I've also spent a few hours reformatting a laptop.  

I'm not feeling as emotionally drained as I was earlier this week... For the last two weeks to be honest. Crafting has always been a sure fire way to calm my inner beast... My grandmother was right, crafting does make the world quiet.  

And chocolate cup cakes... Only one cupcake left and I have dibs on it!

My Flickr album:  http://Flickr.com/needlecrafter/

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Avocado Oh!

I was just reading Women's World magazine and a tiny little article claims that if I ate three avocados a week I'd burn belly fat 40% faster than on a low fat diet.  Do I want to take a test run on that theory? Maybe but I never ate an avocado before and they don't look too appealing.

Ok I hear you saying "you never ate avocado before?"  

That's right, never, unless mom snuck it in meals when I was a snot nose brat but I doubt it.  I'm a picky eater, I'd have discovered it.  Maybe I'll buy one and taste it. If I don't like it, I'm throwing it at you.