Thursday, September 25, 2014

A True Story...

I meant to blog this a while ago but never had the chance.  About two weeks ago I was speaking with one of my friends and she was telling me about this woman  she works with who insists she was abducted by aliens.   She told me that this woman claims it's been going on for years.  Said when she was young she used to go to the bathroom and when she had a poop she would always look in the toilet before flushing but on occasion the toilet was empty even though she felt and heard the turd fall into the bowl.   She said it made her suspicious, that perhaps she was rejecting an invisible anal probe.

I can't make this stuff up, seriously.  

My friend also said the woman has proof, she said street lights always go out occasionally when she
walks under them, and that her radio gets lots of static when she's listening to it, and her microwave makes a dull humming noise when she uses it. 

*blank stare*

She said the lady suspects the aliens are upset at NASA for sending space probes to other planets.

My friend was telling me this with a straight face, she can never lie without laughing.  She proceeded to tell me she told the woman to wear aluminum foil on her head because they'll soon start whispering to her.  Apparently my friend has found new entertainment at her place of employment.

.....I feel I should end this by saying.... This is a true story, it happend to a friend of a friend of mine.  

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