Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Broken Hypnosis?

A while ago I'd been sampling some weightloss hypnosis apps.  Most of the time I listened to them as I went to bed, slept like a rock too!  Dont recall for the life of me what the hypnosis person was telling me but as i didn't wake up barking like a dog...

And I even paid three whole bucks for them from the iTunes Store too!  

Well I haven't used them in weeks but my friend who likes to over analyse everything on this planet and beyond has suggested that I'm not REALLY emotional eating, more like my hypnosis has stopped working so my sweet tooth is playing catch up.  

Yup, I've got the W T F letters floating above my head too!  


Her reasoning is that if I over ate or ate unhealthy foods prior to hypnosis, then did well health wise during hypnosis, that it "makes perfect sense" that I'm retreating back to old habits because the hypnosis has stopped.  

Well that might make some sort of sense but that just means I've got to stay with that hypnosis gizmo forever in order to drop the pounds and keep them off.  I don't want to admit she may have a point so I'm not going to tell her I'm going to get back to using the hypnosis just to prove her wrong, but hey, if I drop ten pounds in the process then sure I'll confess.  

I did plenty of walking and some exercises on Monday.  I'm taking the drop ten by halloween very seriously, so seriously in fact that I celebrated with two crispy crunch chocolate bars, a small bag of Doritos and an orange crush soda pop.  

I have no shame.  

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