Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Granny Smith Apple

Ok, so day one of my five day "challenge" was a bust.  Sad but true. I'm in big trouble now.

 I was so exhausted and feeling mentally under the weather that I spent the better half of Monday sleeping...I worked Monday night so I needed the shut eye to prepare me for the job (or so I keep telling myself).   I did do the daily exercise containing the bazillion jumping jacks.  Yes sir, I'm still keeping up with that routine at least.  I've noticed some minor differences but I still need to do more.

  I discovered my body type is ... Kim Kardashian!  Ha!  Who am I kidding, my bum may be as big as hers (mine wasn't surgically enhanced...just sayin) but my waist isn't as narrow.  My bum and thick waist are courtesy of plenty of good food.  

Speaking of food, I'm an apple shape apparently.

...mmm apples

My mind is always on food these days,  Sigh.  Give me some credit, I'm trying, failing miserably but not giving up... Hey, I'm still spending 20-30 minutes a day doing those daily exercises so things can't be all bad.  

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