Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The NextIssue Issue

So I finally signed up for NextIssue.

Sorry Zinio, but you had to have seen this coming!  

I'm not too fond of the regular vs premium subscriptions.  The regular subscription boasts of over one hundred magazines.  Ok it's true, yes I counted them.  Theres like a hundred and ten titles on basic.  And I will say up front that I took into consideration the "target reader" before composing this piece of literary awesomeness.  There are magazines on travel, cottages, decorating, cooking, photography, computers, fashion, health & fitness, family, parenting, gossip and news.  Personally, I could do without the computer, health & fitness, travel, photography, decorating and parenting magazines but I realize the selection is so there'll be something for everyone. 

Now, the premium subscriptions add the gossip mags like People & US, and other more educational mags like The New Yorker.  I refuse to pay an extra $5 for premium just yet.  I'm still on the one month free trial and haven't yet decided if I'll even pay $10 to keep the basic subscription.

My personal selection included Women's Day, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle or whatever it's called, Essence was a waste of time for me, so was the O magazine by Oprah.  I only like her favourite things issue.  The Dr Oz magazine was alright, as was the Rachel whatsherlastname magazine.  I like her tv show and her mag is just as entertaining.  Self sucks so I didn't choose it and I already got Shape on Zinio so I didn't bother with it.  Better Homes & Gardens was interesting, as was More and AllRecipes was awesome!!!  Glamour was so so, but I didn't bother with Cosmo.  

What I love about this NextIssue thing is the back issues are included!  You don't have to pay extra and you only download the issues you want to read.  I thought that was cool especially the cooking mags with their holiday issues on cookies and pies from last year and the year prior!  Seriously!  That is awesome!  I said awesome in my Oprah voice, I like Oprah, her magazine, not so much.  Perhaps if she stopped over photoshopping the cover....

I'm almost two weeks into the trial month but I give this a 4.5 on 5 star.  It lost half a star for not putting at least one gossip mag in the basic subscription.  Ha! 😜

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