Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I was asked "what is the one thing you'd like to do in your lifetime".  Hmm the bucket list is a couple pages long but aside from that, I'd really like to open a craft shop one day.  Yes, I was supposed to open an etsy shop earlier this year selling some of my overstock supplies but I don't really want to sell my stash!  What I really want to do is sell things I've made.  

I find myself thinking of ways to get my foot in the door.  Etsy sure sounds like the right direction to go but I really don't have time to hand sew as many things my mind pictures me selling.

That's where my sewing machine comes in....well actually it's not MY machine but my sister's.  She was kind enough to loan it to me months ago and she's in no hurry to get it back, apparently it frees up some shelf space for her.   Anyway, I've got a few cute Christmas felt ornament patterns that would likely sell should I put my mind to it.  I just need to set one weekend aside to learn how to use it... By watching plenty of YouTube tutorial videos!  So yes, one day I will have my own craft shop but when that day will be, I really don't want to place a date yet, lets just play it by ear.

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