Wednesday, October 29, 2014

In Production

The past couple of weeks have been spent brainstorming over the Etsy shop I'll be opening soon.  I don't have an exact grand opening date and going on the professional advise I've been given, I'm not going to put a date out there yet.  The shop name and email address have already been set up and soon enough the items for sale will be added.

I still have to sort out all the items I'll be selling first, then take photos of them so I'll need to set up a mini-photo-studio in our spare room for this with extra lighting and whatnot.  Then comes the detailed descriptions!  It's really a lot of work and right now it seems overwhelming because I'm down to the wire on the annual home made Christmas ornaments that need to be completed for mailing on December 1st.  I figure once I get through with the ornaments I'll be able to put more effort into the shop.

And speaking of the shop, I've ordered a few buttons from an Etsy store, that will have my logo on it!  Pretty cool.... got that idea from my Gran's pin. You can see the photo of the pin in link to that blog post. 

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