Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Moving Forward

I've been walking more lately and doing about 30 minutes of exercise at home.  I can't do too much as I've got some abdominal issues but I do what I can without over doing it.  I weighed myself two weeks ago and actually logged that weight up on the LoseIt app.  I've also joined a challenge over there, just an easy one to get me back into the swing of logging everything I eat on a daily basis.  So far it's been helping to get me back on track.  

I gave up on the hypnosis.  I got really creeped out when my crazy friend said that the hypnosis could be turning me into Shallow Hal .... where she's full figured and he only sees a skinny chick.  Well, my crazy friend suggested that I'm seeing a skinny chick in the mirror but my butt is fat. 

Yes, she said my butt is fat.  I'm not sure how I feel about knowing my friend looked at my butt though. However, I must admit it did get me wondering what the hypnosis thing is saying to me while I'm fast asleep.  Kind of got me all creeped out so I ditched it. 

Water and MetaMucil are my best friends!  Not only am I getting added fiber from the MetaMucil but I'm also helping to lower my cholesterol. I'm also drinking more green tea and am trying to reduce my coffee intake but that's just too difficult so I'm still on decaf coffee because I just love the taste of coffee!!!!!

I'll weigh in on Saturday to see how I'm doing with this adjustment but so far it feels good.  

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