Saturday, November 29, 2014

Deck The Kitchen!

It's Saturday morning technically because its 01:30 in the morning and do you know what I'm doing?  I'm decorating my kitchen for Christmas!   I washed down all the walls and the horizontal blinds and hung up the red kitchen curtains and hung the small poinsettia wreath on the kitchen door.  I've still got to get to putting on the red tablecloth and setting out the red and white striped fruit bowl but I'm on break now!  I've got some christmas music playing on my iPod through my wireless Jam speaker.  I put up the tree on Thursday morning when I came home from work because who needs sleep right?! Ha!  Alright, break is over.... I'll be updating this blog in a few hours because right now my ipad is about to die!   Ugh!  Where is the charger at! 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Letter To Santa

Alright, now is usually about the time kids and some of us grown folk write a letter to Santa Claus, allowing it time to travel slowly via snail mail in the blizzard up hill to the north pole.  I found this letter template on pinterest and decided this will be one of my few letters.  Yes, few letters.... just in case one gets lost in the mail.   HERE IS MY LETTER.....

A Holiday Christmas Letter to Santa 
November 21, 2014

Dear Santa

Hi!  My name is Susan and I am 45 years old young.  I live in the city of Montreal in the state province of Quebec which is in the country of Canada!  I have been trying really hard to get on your "nice" list this year. Some of the wonderful things I have done are:
1. I baked cupcakes for the kids at church
2. I gave up my seat on the bus when I was really REALLY tired.
3. I yelled at a dude who was watching me fold my laundry at the laundromat.

I have a few special Christmas wishes.  They are:

1. I need some magic dust to sprinkle on my cellulite to make it shrink up.
2. I need some other type of magic dust to sprinkle on my greying hair to make it stay dark brown.
3. I need a magic wand to whack that creepy dude at the laundromat if he happens to be there again trying to eyeball my fruit of the looms.

I am very excited for your visit!  I promise to leave out some metamucil travel packs since all those cookies from everyone else may bind you up.  Please give my favorite reindeer Hacker a huge hug for me!

Happy Holidays Merry Christmas!

Your pal, Susan

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Just Another Chubby Chick Saga

See, now what did I tell you?  One day at a time works out just great!  I exercised again on Tuesday morning and ate a bit better until I came to work and found a bag of jube jubes in my locker!  Yes I ate the whole bag but it was a small bag only like 400 calories but still not good.  Tasty but not healthy. I also binged on hot chocolate with marshmallows too!  Sad thing is I say that like its a good thing, oh help me when I log this in the app!  Ugh! 

Anywho, Now I'm looking on loseit for another challenge because I find that when I join in on them, I seem to do better.  I've also read a few success stories on the loseit site that seem to encourage me to get my game on.  So... Lets do this!  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Getting Ahead

I'm feeling it better to take one day at a time, like baby steps, when it comes to trying to keep with the exercise routine.  Lately the emotional eating got out of hand.  Friday I had a big bag of sour cream and onion flavour ruffles with chive dip for breakfast.  Yup, you read that right!  

I went for a nice long walk on Saturday and ran a few errands at the same time and also had plenty of one on one time with God in prayer.  On Monday morning after I got my husband off to work I did 30 minutes of exercises and felt really good.  I'm still drinking lots of lemon water and already I see the difference in my complexion and with my inner pipes!  I don't want to tell myself ok this week you'll do this... Blah blah blah, because apparently i have trouble sticking to anything that lasts longer than a day.  Sad but true these days.   So Monday that's where I was,  now it's Tuesday and I'm starting fresh again,  I did 30 minutes of exercises!  So you see, if every day I start fresh, I just might get somewhere!  

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lemon Water, Drink Up!

While skimming the news feed on facebook, you know how the minute you "like" a magazine, they fill your news feed with every article known to man.  Well, the other day I came across one, no don't read them, just the headline and if it's enticing enough then I'm like a fish on the hook!  So as I was saying, the other day I came across an article, not sure if it was Women's World or Women's Day magazines, but anyway, it displayed two photographs of a woman from the shoulders up.  On one photo they called it her "before" photo, and the next one was the "after" photo.  She claims to have turned back the hands of time by drinking twice as much water on a daily basis.  Now the article tore that statement apart and insisted with no actual scientific proof it can't possibly be true then they criticized the lighting on the photo and said it could be photo shop.  

Wow, who's have thought scientists were so moody.  

Anyway, I can't offer any scientific proof but I can say that drinking the recommended 8 to 10 glass of water a day WITH LEMON IN IT, does make a difference.

Here is my scienterrific research.  I had issues with my inner pipes.  Lemon water was always been the perfect beverage to disinfect your inner pipes so for about a month whenever I drank water, it was always lemon water.  I'd prepare a two litre bottle each day and drink it all by the end of the day.  I found that after a few days my face broke out (the lemon getting rid of all the toxins) and my pipes were telling me how much they loved me on a more regular basis.  After about two weeks my face was completely clear and looked so refreshed!  Hmm.... guess I need to go back to drinking lemon water on the daily.  Anyway, since water is great for a diet, and lemon is a natural cleanser for the intestines, lemon water it is!  Prepare it in the morning in an empty juice container or water/soda bottle.  Just cut up some lemon slices, rind/skin and all and toss them into a bottle of water.  Drink up! 

Now if you don't believe just google "health benefits of lemon water" and see for yourself! 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Feels Like Christmas

We had flurries yesterday afternoon!  I was outside in the midst of it.  

It made me nostalgic.  It made me feel even more Christmassy than I already feel.  So I strolled down the street and headed to the mall to buy toys to fill up six boxes for operation christmas child.  I walked up the candy isle in the store and spotted peanut brittle.  Over heard two older ladies saying "you know it's christmas when they break out the peanut brittle". Well not for me, christmas I fudge, biscuits, cookies, cakes and pies.   

I'm looking forward to Christmas and all the goodies but my hips and thighs and jelly butt are not looking forward to being squeezed into clothes that will eventually be too small.  

The Question

See, I told you the December issue of the O magazine was worth the purchase!  I'm truly loving the segments this year.  Bravo Oprah!  Bravo! Bravo I say!

This segment was called "The Question" where readers responded to one question.  The responses are sweet and heart warming, and I'm glad my screen capture is too small for you to read...GO SPEND THE CASH ON THE MAGAZINE or better yet, sign up for a 30 day free trial for NextIssue and read it for free!  

Ok, here is my answer to "The Question" : What's the most special gift you've ever received?

... The most special gift I've ever received was knit socks & mittens from my Paternal Grandmother.  She made me a matching pair every Christmas since the early 1990s and would mail them to me (she lived in Nova Scotia while I'm in Quebec). She passed away in early 2007 so I stopped wearing the socks and all but one pair of mittens and stored them for safe keeping in my tickle trunk in the closet.  They mean the world to me, so I do wear one pair of mittens each winter because they are the warmest, knit with love.

Friday, November 7, 2014

In The Spirit

Fret not, my list of favourite things is in the works, I know how you all get a kick out of that eh!  But first I couldn't resist taking a page out of the December O magazine!  Ok perhaps a few pages!! 

The magazine had a segment called "In The Spirit" speaking of the spirit of Christmas obviously.  The digital copy displayed five colleagues of Oprah and their individual responses to the same questions.  I chose to screen capture this one that's too small to read, because she's the one who mentioned the shoebox of toys for needy kids.  I will note that another individual mentioned giving back by helping out a food bank which is also super amazing.

Now, here are my answers to Oprah's list of "In The Spirit" questions:

I'll never forget when I was given....
A Wendy Walker doll!  I was five years old and really wanted one of those dolls.  Santa Mom got me it for Christmas and would you believe I STILL HAVE HER stored in a box under my bed forty years later.  

But I'd rather forget the time I received....
A foot bath.  Seriously, my boyfriend at the time gave me a foot bath tub.  I hated it even though he thought it was a thoughtful gift because occasionally I had achy feet.   But seriously...a foot bath?! 

When in doubt, my go-to gift is...
Pyjamas.  If I don't know what to give a person, I get them pyjamas, usually a two piece number with the pants and top because if they're not worn to bed, they can be worn to lounge around the house on snowy or rainy days.

During the holidays, I give back by...
My husband and I always prepare six shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child through our church.  We do six because we can never decide between the gender or age groups so we do one for each.  We also donate $100 of non perishable food to Sun Youth Organization for their food bank & Christmas baskets to help the needy. 

The Oprah December Magazine

  I confess, I'm one of those folks who always look forward to Oprah's favourite things issue.  When she had her talk show on TV, I'd be sure to record it so I can watch it at my leisure and fast forward the commercials.  Nowadays I have to wait for the O magazine to publish them.  

No.... I'm not one of those folks who runs to the store to buy anything on that list.  I'm just not "rich" enough.  I'm rich in many ways, but not when it comes to money.  For once I wish Oprah would publish a list of favourite items that are ALL under $100.  I love that the price range for the 72 items on her list is wide but us poor folk who support the magazine would really like to see more than a book or a cup of tea in our price range.... Just once make the list for the every day ordinary joe.

Seriously, the first item on this years list is a Beats by Dr Dre Bluetooth headphone with matching portable speaker set for $700. 

Wait, what?  $700 is rent or mortgage money for most of us.  What's almost laughable is there are people who will now wait in line to buy this item, and probably one person who will be late with the rent while doing so.  Lets hope there are no stupid folks who will make their kids go hungry so they can make this purchase!  

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on Oprah.  I'm a loyal December issue buyer of her magazine after all. Her magazine is nice year long I'm just not a fan of the photoshop on the cover!  I must say, I love this years format...cover and all!  Bravo!  I seriously suggest buying the magazine.  I've got it on the NextIssue app but I'm going to buy the paper copy so I can scribble in it like all kids do with holiday magazines!  Ha!

I've only skimmed the mag thus far but I like how she included her employees & colleagues in a sort of questionnaire on the holidays.  The digital issue includes a recorded message from Oprah and in it she speaks of giving and of charity.  I like that.  I wish one of her shows would speak of the Operation Christmas Child pack a shoebox for a needy child for Christmas.  In the first few pages of the magazine, one of her employees mentions packing a shoebox of toys for a needy child but that's pretty much the extent of it.  Oprah has a chance to really help that event but she flopped again.
 Either way, the December issue of O magazine is a nice format and well worth the purchase.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Digital Magazine Rant

I'm getting somewhat annoyed with the NextIssue app.  
See, here's the thing.  I like that the NextIssue app gives you a bunch of magazines for ten bucks a month and you get at least a year of back issues too.  The problem for me is it's not too easy to see if you've downloaded something already or not, the notice images are too small, whereas on the Zinio app a big arrow on the cover of the page clues you in, and the page is slightly shaded too!  

I really like that.  

Truth be told I like the Zinio app better, I just wish their service was sort of similar to NextIssue.  Not offering a bunch of magazines for a one shot price but at least give the reader a year of back issues included with the one year subscription price!  

Zinio offers a wider selection of magazines I LOVE THAT.  

I just wish that when I paid $20+ for a one year subscription to the magazine that I would be able to read last years issues included in the price or have a sort of coupon code specific to my subscription that will allow me to download at least three of the back issues free.  

Anyway, I'm just ranting on again because I was just scrolling through magazines on both apps.  I'm only sticking with the NextIssue app to get the December issues, baking, holiday ideas, you know!  Then I'm shucking it.  I've got only one subscription on Zinio now but when it runs out, I haven't made up my mind which app to stick with.  

They're both good apps but .... A reader really needs to have both of them unless NextIssue expands its selection to include crafting and hobby magazines like Zinio.  

Ok, I'm off my soapbox now!  

Walked It Off!

I lost two pounds.  Ya, I couldn't wait to throw that out so why cut to the chase.  I lost two pounds and I'm trying my best NOT to find it again!

The one thing about the autumn season is it's so beautiful to walk in.  The crisp leaves beneath your feet, cool breeze if you're dressed accordingly and the beauty of nature.  So ya, I've been walking a lot!  I've been better at logging on the loseit app and its helped.  

I lost two pounds.  I say it like its the greatest thing since sliced bread eh!  Ha!