Saturday, November 1, 2014

Digital Magazine Rant

I'm getting somewhat annoyed with the NextIssue app.  
See, here's the thing.  I like that the NextIssue app gives you a bunch of magazines for ten bucks a month and you get at least a year of back issues too.  The problem for me is it's not too easy to see if you've downloaded something already or not, the notice images are too small, whereas on the Zinio app a big arrow on the cover of the page clues you in, and the page is slightly shaded too!  

I really like that.  

Truth be told I like the Zinio app better, I just wish their service was sort of similar to NextIssue.  Not offering a bunch of magazines for a one shot price but at least give the reader a year of back issues included with the one year subscription price!  

Zinio offers a wider selection of magazines I LOVE THAT.  

I just wish that when I paid $20+ for a one year subscription to the magazine that I would be able to read last years issues included in the price or have a sort of coupon code specific to my subscription that will allow me to download at least three of the back issues free.  

Anyway, I'm just ranting on again because I was just scrolling through magazines on both apps.  I'm only sticking with the NextIssue app to get the December issues, baking, holiday ideas, you know!  Then I'm shucking it.  I've got only one subscription on Zinio now but when it runs out, I haven't made up my mind which app to stick with.  

They're both good apps but .... A reader really needs to have both of them unless NextIssue expands its selection to include crafting and hobby magazines like Zinio.  

Ok, I'm off my soapbox now!  

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