Friday, November 7, 2014

In The Spirit

Fret not, my list of favourite things is in the works, I know how you all get a kick out of that eh!  But first I couldn't resist taking a page out of the December O magazine!  Ok perhaps a few pages!! 

The magazine had a segment called "In The Spirit" speaking of the spirit of Christmas obviously.  The digital copy displayed five colleagues of Oprah and their individual responses to the same questions.  I chose to screen capture this one that's too small to read, because she's the one who mentioned the shoebox of toys for needy kids.  I will note that another individual mentioned giving back by helping out a food bank which is also super amazing.

Now, here are my answers to Oprah's list of "In The Spirit" questions:

I'll never forget when I was given....
A Wendy Walker doll!  I was five years old and really wanted one of those dolls.  Santa Mom got me it for Christmas and would you believe I STILL HAVE HER stored in a box under my bed forty years later.  

But I'd rather forget the time I received....
A foot bath.  Seriously, my boyfriend at the time gave me a foot bath tub.  I hated it even though he thought it was a thoughtful gift because occasionally I had achy feet.   But seriously...a foot bath?! 

When in doubt, my go-to gift is...
Pyjamas.  If I don't know what to give a person, I get them pyjamas, usually a two piece number with the pants and top because if they're not worn to bed, they can be worn to lounge around the house on snowy or rainy days.

During the holidays, I give back by...
My husband and I always prepare six shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child through our church.  We do six because we can never decide between the gender or age groups so we do one for each.  We also donate $100 of non perishable food to Sun Youth Organization for their food bank & Christmas baskets to help the needy. 

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