Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Just Another Chubby Chick Saga

See, now what did I tell you?  One day at a time works out just great!  I exercised again on Tuesday morning and ate a bit better until I came to work and found a bag of jube jubes in my locker!  Yes I ate the whole bag but it was a small bag only like 400 calories but still not good.  Tasty but not healthy. I also binged on hot chocolate with marshmallows too!  Sad thing is I say that like its a good thing, oh help me when I log this in the app!  Ugh! 

Anywho, Now I'm looking on loseit for another challenge because I find that when I join in on them, I seem to do better.  I've also read a few success stories on the loseit site that seem to encourage me to get my game on.  So... Lets do this!  

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